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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid, a Hoax???

QUESTION: What is worse than calling a Customer Service Hotline and talking to a CS Representative?

In late March or early April, I bought a PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM for P100 in Urdaneta. I thought it was s steal because "...All you need to do is just insert the SIM in any PLDT handset or suitable device and you already have an instant PLDT landline!" according to Dan C. Ibarra, Retail Business group head. "Suitable device" here means any "open line" mobile phone (Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, etc).

Also says here that it has a P50 free (p 14) so much like your new SIM, Smart, Globe or whatever... with a load of freebies... as OPTION 1. THIS WAS NEVER AVAILED!!! There's a catch, of course. Among them, a regular (Smart e-load of minimum P300 monthly or P600 monthly -- as plans). After I inserted it in an open Nokia cell phone, I received a message saying I need to reload. Whereas it is not yet registered.

Days passed and as I was a working class hero, hardly had the luxury of visiting PLDT's customer service. I found time to insert a visit though, in another location, which was SM North EDSA. The Customer Service representatives received the same "automated answer."

The CSR said, I need to go back to the PLDT Customer Service-Urdaneta. So, I asked the CSR a big favor to please give me the phone number of their PLDT office in Urdaneta. And she was so sorry because it will take a long time before she can retrieve the information (and this is the age of interconnectivity, hello PLDT? Yeah, wrong number.)

So, I asked instead that she give me her number so I could call her some other time to get the number of PLDT Urdaneta. After mumbling and fumbling for excuses, the imaginary bulb on top of her head light up, and she beamed, "You may call their hotline: 101-328 using a PLDT phone!"

Now, the answer to my question: Personally lining up to talk with a CSR who will instruct you to call a CSR on phone.

Thank you.

But anyway, why the hell won't it work Mr. Dan Ibarra?

I'd speculate (which means I am just guessing and accepts any mistake about my guess):
1. It is a perishable good. Expires --- say 5 days --- after purchase.
2. The P50 option in page 5 of User Guide was a MISTAKE.
3. It is a hoax. This is (supposedly) usable in any mobile phone unit which may cost between P800 to P2500 and still portable, whereas the PLDT handset that comes with its twin P600 plan is P2,500. PLDT made a mistake of releasing it.

BTW, my boss from the US during his visit in April 25 shared that his family of 5 children had an unlimited SMS subscription of US$10/month. I wonder which of our giant networks could bring that rate here in the SMS capital of the world.


Johnny Rumble said...

Cell service here is ultra-cheap. But we have our own problems. Like those pricks in BMWs with those bluetooth ear inserts. I want to strangle them all.

Jepoy said...

hi, my pictures have a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Philippine License. Which means you must attribute (link) to the original source, and after "cropping" the picture, i think my link is missing.

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