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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sino Itong Bulacan Official na Hindi Nakakabasa at Nakakaintindi ng English?

Ayon sa isang nakikipag-ugnayan sa Provincial government ng Bulacan (Attn: Governor Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado!) na hindi nakakaintindi ng lengguwaheng Ingles?

Hindi naman po sa nakikialam ang inyong abang lingkod sa "internal" o "provincial" affairs ng Bulacan ngunit hindi po ba kahiya-hiya o sadyang hindi nagbabasa ng mga communications (letters, memos, etc) ang appointed government official na ito?

Ang pangyayaring ito po ay nakakatawa sa unang tingin dahil naatasan ang naturang opisyal na repasuhin ang isang naihaing proyekto mula sa Office ni Gov. Ayon pa sa Governor ay madaliin ang pagrerepaso dahil ang nakasalalay ay isa sa mga malalaking problema ng probinsiya. Halos isang buwan sa opisina ng naturang opisyal ang naihaing proyekto at dahil sa hindi po trapo ang grupong naghain ng proyekto, siempre po, hindi po sila naglalangis kahit kanino kundi manilbihan lamang sa ikakaganda ng bayan (natin).

Nang ibalik ni opisyal ang kanyang feedback o evaluation (napakahirap naman talagang mag-Tagalog!), aba, nagmistula suntok sa buwan ang nilalaman at katawa-tawang napakalayo sa nilalaman ng naihaing proyekto ang kanyang feedback na napansin namin ay nakasulat sa purong Tagalog.

Hindi sa minamasama namin ang paggamit ng atin pong pambansang lengguwahe pero kung hindi sana naintindihan ang Ingles, hindi naman po masamang mag-request ng Tagalog version para naman po hindi lalabas na kahiya-hiya ang maging isang mataas na opisyal na wala man lang po kayong resources (In English po Ginoong _, baka naman may staff kayong naka-graduate ng high school na pwedeng mag translate para sa inyo?)

Ang ganang amin,as always, ay nagtataka lang po (as if we were born yesterday, or, wika nga ng bandang Wuds: Inosente lang ang nagtataka)! 

Ang reaction ng grupo, maiinis ba, matatawa, o aasa pang makikipagtulungan sa provincial government upang mabawasan naman ang kahiya-hiyang problem nila (hindi lang tungkol sa opisyal na hindi marunong magbasa, o kaya ay ang tanong: kaya pala ganoon kalaki ang problema nila dahil "ehem" pala ang opisyal nila)?

Ang tanong!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Of Plagiarism, Galil Firearms, Public Service and the RH Bill

To actually hang Sen. Tito Sotto for the plagiarism charges that recently plagued his clueless RH Bill (this blogger feature beats me - where the fuck is that "tab" button whereas I never used tab in the above line!!!) speeches is missing the point by the details. First of all, he probably employs tens of staff excluding the brazen chief lawyer Hector Villacorta that do research, his speeches, refining, and re-writing including editing of all forms of communication in their offices. 
So, the contentious bill aside, it should be those staff members, but most importantly, the lawyer Villacorta that should have been sacked ages ago... if the Senator had used half of his wits. I mean, why not employ any one of the thousand eloquent bloggers of the land (like me???) for instance? Sotto, and Villacorta, after all are public servants that must uphold their sworn oaths (below).

By virtue of the above sworn statement, a public document, and Republic Act 6713, all government officials are answerable to all citizens (Payless and Lucky Me instant noodle taxpayers included) of this Republic.
They are mandated to always uphold the public interest over and above personal interest, and they are to use all government resources and powers of their offices:
  • efficiently,
  • effectively,
  • honestly
  • economically while avoiding wastage in public funds and revenue. 
Plagiarism. This is one tacky subject that I don't enjoy much discussing. While I will probably raise hell when my "own words" were used by a highly-paid government office like the senate without acknowledgement (I'd prefer the royalty or payment- why not buy a speech! It's cheap at Recto! Or even at this blog!), I really don't have much for "western" laws. Is it my Asian lineage? Was I a pirate in my previous life? Whatever.
But plagiarism, my friends, is a legal entity which is considered a crime, Villacorta's stupidity aside. We have to give in to prevailing Western capitalist international laws because - we have embraced them (Western pop culture) hook, bait, and sinker! We have to live by them!

Bidding and Galil Firearms
(Drooling! the guns!)  The public bidding process is the most enjoyable topic of all time for majority of government officials especially those who actually sign government vouchers. Why, this is the main reason they assume the roles of clowns during campaign period and gods during election times! And when you actually believe that what Pres. Noynoy discovered about overpricing and the bid process mysteries were of any relevance, you have not heard one fourth of Philippine history, yet! Below is the characteristic of the Bidding process:

  • Bidding procedures are supposedly done under the scrutiny of the public. This is why you get to see Invitation to Bid ads in major dailies, daily.
  • If qualified bidders and honest businesses will participate in government/public bidding, they usually bring with them a lot of goodluck wishes. If they threaten the corporations of the elected (the oligarchs of this land- the ones you keep voting or choose to vote on), they are either threatened back, or given a fair share of the pie (grease money to back out, and shut up).
  • During the bidding process, the magicians of the bureaucracy are scrambling like their lives depended on it (actually, it does). You should see one to believe me.
  • During this process, accountants usually lord it over their CEOs (gotta believe me again). They dictate which is legal and which is not. But of course, they can produce the legal documents. Recto does not monopolize this business. For non-Pinoy readers, Recto is the capital of the Philippines for forgery, counterfeit, and other illegal papers made legal. Of course, aside from the Comelec and COA.
  • During the bidding process, the suppliers (bidders) with the least "offer" for the voucher signatories are weeded out for half of or for all the right and wrong reasons. 
  • Computation for actual funds paid from our Payless and Lucky Me taxes is  = 30% actual cost (prevailing market prices), 20% income for winning bidder, and 50% grease, or kickback. Sometimes, the voucher signatories are generous to their suppliers, they actually give additional 10%, if they do not own the bidder.
And so, my dear friends, I just also summed up why your RH Bill is another smoke screen to fool the voters that their elected senators and congressmen actually have contributions to the land aside from bleeding our coffers/tax moneys to dry. We already have millions of existing laws, most important of which are already embodied by the Constitution.  But I doubt your local police chief is even aware of it - I mean the Constitution, not yet its contents. They cannot even apply the law against murder if you could check their records properly. But then again my dear friends, you have got to have visited your local precinct to actually understand what I am trying to say.

Not that I am saying RH Bill advocates are clueless middle-class elitists (just between us, they are not elitists as the oligarchy wants to monopolize elitism, as if certain discriminating belief of individuals about themselves is actually not the phoniest exercise of all). They simply are not grounded on reality. How can an additional law be implemented in a land where laws are for academe and supreme court archives only?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prosecutor Merly C. Espinosa of Baguio Creates Facts for Defense

Meanwhile in Her Barrio: How Big is the Conspiracy at Canadian Immigration?
Prosecutor Merly Espinosa: Defendant is not affiliated with United Brokers Inc (even if she says so!)

In January 2012, a complainant filed with the City Prosecutor of Baguio the case INV 12-00033 vs. Grace Soriano, owner of American Oriental Immigration Consultancy in SM Baguio & Dagupan, and affiliate of Canadian Immigration Consultancy / United Brokers, Ltd., Inc. (Paranaque). It was determined as estafa, falsification of documents, etc by the receiving officer (he told these verbally to complainant).

Summary of the case:
Complainant applied as immigrant. Paid for agency fee to CIC ( / Soriano amounting to about P45k. They paid additional P65k in cross check to Canadian Embassy Manila for processing fee. This was refunded after the application was denied, and check was refunded to United Brokers Inc owned by a certain Atty. John Weisdorf from the Law Society of Upper Canada in Toronto, with passport # JG262934, according to CIO with email address, "MB - Finance Clerk" of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada based in 196 George Street Sydney Nova Scotia BIP 1J3. The check issued by the Government of Canada 99743002962 dated March 16 2011. It was drawn at BPI Family main branch in Paseo Wing, GF, BPI Bldg, Ayala Ave., Makati in April 19, 2011.

Sept. 28, 2011, a Michelle Milanie Ramos of, another front for United Brokers, Inc., claiming that their office received information from CIO that the check issued on my name was already redeemed by "person unknown", blah blah.

Response of Grace Soriano of Lots F & G Bernabe Drive, Lexber Heights, Camp 7,Baguio City, Defendant, president of American Oriental Immigration Consultants, Inc, using Canadian Immigration Consultancy (CIC) as business name: "our agency forwarded the accomplished application form together with the check P65k to united Brokers, Inc, an affiliate of CIC..." (P6)... "That the loss and subsequent encashment of the refund check of complainant by unknown person is not an isolated case. There are several incidents of the same nature involving return checks sent by the Canadian embassy through mail and were encashed by imposters..." (P12, Grace Soriano).

Decision by prosecutor Merly C. Espinosa: Paragraph 4. "Respondent on the other hand countered that she nor the staff of American Oriental Immigration Consultancy Incorporated never received the said check and that she is not in any way connected with United Brokers..."

Hello Prosecutor? You need a microscope and another grammar class.

We sent a letter to explain herself to prosecutor Espinosa in Feb 28 2012, but she seems to indicate to be untouchable by not responding. Whoever sends me a photo of Espinosa for posting here will be rewarded.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Blanded and Corporating Events

Branding is a genius of marketing/capitalism. A certain name or logo is retrofitted with various "personalities" and qualities that may or may not be present on it. Many are of course, just illusions, a product of brain-washing.
I find branding a blatant form of classifying people. It is the legalized form of discrimination because you cannot sue them for their brands except when they are overtly brutal such as demoting certain color or race, size of body, or even promoting eroticism or pornography. I mean, pornography is legal and attacking us on all sides, but when a woman in "sexy" outfit is used for a certain brand, then, the brand becomes sexist for debasing the fairer sex. At this instance, I sometimes don't get it.

Now, back to branding.
The Olympics is a fair game. I mean literally and figuratively. So that when they hire "branding police" to protect their insignia, logo and the likes, it becomes to me kinda ridiculous. The Olympics (the Games) is a sporting event that promotes physical competitiveness through accepted activities. It is coveted for by cities or countries for the benefits, prestige, but most importantly, economic effects it could bring to the host so that these localities actually vie and bid for it.

Now, that's big time bucks because I heard the officials have become bureaucratic. And you know what happens at the bureaucracy: you either know the short cut or wait for damnation. So bureaucratic they now need to protect the brand.

So where's the promise? Why round off the hosts for enjoying your event? Or even benefiting from the Olympic Games promise?

The problem with events nowadays (or probably decades now is that marketing have embraced events as something corporate. We no longer fucking celebrate to enjoy but conduct events for return of investment!
Every single, minute thing is being quantified. This is why we no longer enjoy events but events remain a spectacle, something that is no longer associated or united with the celebrants (the people). Events should be returned as they used to be: a showcase of joy, gladness, and thanksgiving. Instead of its current form - a showcase of capitalism, wastage, and rot. Urban decay has never been as fast as the Olympians.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hiding a Giant Disaster

The Black Sand Mining in Ilocos Sur remain a bigger enigmatic threat and contention among residents and Philippine citizens in general after the Region 1 Mining and Geosciences Bureau led by Engr. Carlos Tayag conducted a media forum in June 28 2012 at Heritage Resort in Caoayan. Some of the attending members of the media claimed first-hand account of the soil erosion along the coastal areas of Sta. Catalina, "We have lost as wide as about 10 meters during the activity, an unprecedented one in my lifetime as resident," shared one of the broadcasters during the forum.

The MGB team insisted that the occurrence has nothing to do with actual mining, as they insisted that the permit given AltaMina Exploration and Resources, Inc was only for exploration purposes. They also indicated that an investigation was conducted after complaints were received at their office and found nothing that would indict the mysterious mining company. When pressed, the MGB group said that the Singsons are not incorporators of AltaMina, a Quezon City-based corporation, an MGB officer said with a grin.  The attendees insisted the vessels and equipment used were printed with Chinese characters and the MGB team rejoined that the project was sanctioned by Malacanang.

It has also been described as small scale, although the media cannot fathom what the Bureau meant as another mining activity is also active in Narvacan. Incidentally, various sectors and entities already sought to stop the activity, but the downplaying done by the MGB during the conference have not been convincing.

Inconsistencies despite the thorough presentation provided by the speakers were noted.

First is the "cradle to the grave" claim as role of the MGB for mining and groundwater concerns of the citizenry. The team admitted to be powerless in all forms of apprehension although another claimed that they can deputize their ranks to investigate, impound, and execute affidavit for court purposes. Second  is their hazard mapping questioned also by members of the media to be inconsistent in purpose as initially, it was said to be a guide for all citizens of the Republic and yet, MGB was the first to violate its use as already deemed hazardous areas are compromised. This is with regards to MGB's claim that 700 meters is the safety buffer for all shoreline mining activities. Obviously, the areas shown on the videos (links) above cannot justify the MGB claims.

The MGB also re-routed the issue to the Abra River and delta in Caoayan and Vigan City as the threat that the government and local sectors should focus on. The team implied for the need to re-trace a straighter path of the Abra River  and to relocate the barangays affected by the plan. Geologist Efren Penaflor warned a possible repeat of the Cagayan de Oro and Iligan flooding. Construction and mining activities, however, seemed to be the order of the warning instead of more viable, less nature-invasive approach such as reforestation and improvement of flood-control vegetation in the areas. Apparently, sand and gravel quarrying is a more attractive option for the justification of digging and diking to be conducted.

The towns that have been found to have black sand or magnetite minerals include San Vicente, Santa Catalina, Caoayan, and Santo Domingo. All LGUs, according to the MGB were informed and they insisted the mining company or companies they issued permits followed requirements.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stop Voting

Rodriguez, Lacson-Noel, Bondoc, and Gunigundo (not shown is Gomez and Revilla)

OK - just next to the best thing we can do is to STOP voting for disastrous white elephants. For advocating (authoring SHOULD never be the word, these people can write? Then I must be Mark Twain) a bill allowing promotion of commercial infant formula for use of 6 month-old babies - Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez and Malabon Rep. Josephine Veronique Lacson-Noel Reps. Anna York Bondoc, Lani Mercado-Revilla, Lucy Torres-Gomez, and Magtanggol Gunigundo. Remember their faces, names, and their stupidity. We are paying people to do stupid, disastrous acts? GAD! with a capital G.

Commercial milk is a questionable food. They had to invent a disease called lactose-intolerance to justify the natural reaction of our stomach for it - and that is to eject. The body automatically ejects poison. Thus, after drinking milk, you go straight to the john. Notice, too, that after a baby drinks commercial infant formula, they burp and throw out about 3/4 of the milk drank. It is the same as throwing up after we eat something awful and poisonous.

There's only one reason why these white elephants are endorsing a pre-paid bill (usually written by their consultants or lobbyists paid by business giants) and I need not post the obvious.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yeah, Right

Not to deride Gerry Plaza (not that I know him beyond this post) and the More Fun team of the Philippine Government about the "Jason Bourne franchise" for stating:

Push PH as a filmmaking destination
Given the popularity of the Bourne franchise, the new installment is sure to shine the light on the Philippines—certainly for its tourist spots, but also for the rawness and decay of its urban landscape.  And showing international filmmakers both faces of the country may open their eyes to the potential of making their future movies here.
We should make the most out of this fantastic exposure. Government and private businesses should take advantage of all that free publicity from the "The Bourne Legacy" to push the Philippines as a filmmaking destination.
It won't just generate revenue and create jobs, it will also be a priceless learning experience for our actors and film workers.

but  to be excited about something as trivial as having your locality for filming an international movie as popular as the "Jason Bourne franchise" is downright shallow. Thing about us is, we are so into pop culture we are basically setting aside all of our values and things that are really important.

Take for instance our singers who broke into "international stardom". We (prob'bly the media in particular)  hype too much of them as if it is the only way Filipinos could stand out or make a difference.

Jesus Christ.

When we should all be pushing for the second phase of the CJ Corona impeachment - that is - tracking all of the SALN (we ilocanos call it 'sal-iten- our vernacular for fucked-up), bank account and properties of ALL government officials, here we are sucked up in the Jessica Sanchez American Idol snag, and everything else that are downright base.

No amount of EDSA revolt will ever  change our lot if we keep being this way. And I can't believe we in the media are populated with hypocrites that thrive on the mundane. Like, if Plaza had really been into the "Jason Bourne franchise", he should know by now Bourne became popular because he defied the US government's stupid and corrupt officials.

And that is what really is important.

I am sooo into Robert Ludlum books, so, I hate it when just suddenly, something as stupid as this comes out in the media.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Networking Statistics

I have never been a fan of statistics... or maths... or numbers for that matter. So, I am more of a word-of-mouth believer.

Probably because I try most things once to find out the truth behind advertisements, or because I once worked with a marketing award-giving company (I guess it was even listed as a non-profit organization!) but the company gives about 12 awards monthly of which process starts with a congratulatory letter stating that the person, company, product, service, etc topped the survey for a certain category (the company must have a gazillion of categories!) and that they shall be provided an award on a certain date with the signatories and officials, and a (former) celebrity as guest. If the person/company will be willing to accept the plaque, they are required to commit to a sponsorship package (provided by the congratulatory note) and confirm immediately (or after thousands of follow-up calls later).

What is not told to the recipient of the letter is that there were only one respondents in the survey - the marketing person also doing the follow-up call and the category. This is of course a scam. And if DTI will hire me to provide all the evidences they need, I'd take the job for the right fee.

Anyway, back to the numbers and statistics topic - the latest Facebook brouhaha. What went wrong? Because many who join networking sites from the various customer service outsourcing countries of the world are scammers themselves with probably tens of accounts.  They would soon post links to products, virus programs and links to lure members...

So, reality behind numbers is entirely a different matter. And besides, consumption is actually slowing down in many "emerging" economies due to the growing knowledge and wisdom of consumers (oh, and my fingers are crossed!). Not half of their population have credit cards, nor will order online any time soon. No.

A sign of the second dotcom bubble burst?


But never rely on numbers. Experience is still the best teacher.

And don't consume too much. Especially on credit. Or better yet, cancel your credit card.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tulfo & the "Stars": First Version

Mon Tulfo is one journalist who is feared and respected. Or hated by mainly government officers/officials, and some fellow "journalists", probably for his guts.

Having had an experience with "showbiz" folks (I worked as PR for several talents, ghost writer for a columnist, and PR for a major network's department) for more than a decade, I have had sufficient study of the showbiz attitude. And many of them are often bitten by the star complex disease.

Being a "journalist" myself, my own analysis of the the Thrilla at Naia is this:

As already mentioned by Tulfo, his attention was caught by Claudine's "pagtatalak". So, yes, he took the photos (and yes, as already mentioned by sociologists and legal experts, he have all the rights in this world to take it. So, shut up stupid uzis because all your rants will not give a dent on that right).

So Tulfo sneered at Raymart Santiago when Santiago tried to grab or forcibly take his phone-camera.

This took Santiago and the palengkera "star" to the edge. Like, OK, just my opinion but this is what went through their heads or what have been the "first part" that Santiago insists on television interviews:
(Note: this is the script in my head as analysis of what happened based on my own experience and understanding of showbiz attitude.)

Santiago: Putang'nang matanda 'to, akina yan! (Forcibly taking Tulfo's phone).

Tulfo: (Pushes Santiago away which irked the husband and wife and their cohorts even more).

Santiago: Ah, gago 'to ah!  Di mo ba kami kilala??! Akina 'yan! Wala kang karapatang kunan ang asawa ko!

Barretto: Punyeta ka! Sino ka ba? Saan ka nakatira? (This was caught on the viral video, listen carefully).Wala kang karapatang ganyanin ang asawa ko! At ibigay mo yang phone (camera) na 'yan! Wala kang karapatang kunan ako ng picture! Leche ka! Hayop kang matanda ka!

Santiago: (Hits Tulfo but either misses or Tulfo barred his fists and hits which angered the drunk Santiago, the "star" and their friends. Tulfo starts fighting back as self defense and hits Santiago. Now, the second part - the viral video - and melee starts).

Santiago and Barretto cannot believe that an "unknown" lowly old man have the "nerve" to fight them back. And it was already "too late" to retract all and every lie they uttered live on camera once they learned that the man they ganged up on is Mon Tulfo.

Shame on them. Their stories don't hold at all. It is just sad that stupid "fans" are as stupid as the "stars" they look up on. They have the nerve to challenge "other witness" whereas the story is only one and without any other version, and that the video - second part or not - only continues a first portion that is consistent.

Barretto was hit during the melee and not on the "first portion" as they insisted.

And when Tulfo said that if he "had to die protecting or fighting for his right or the right of others, then so be it," I only wished the crimes committed against him by Santiago, Barretto & friends has incarceration as penalty. I'd love to see the "star" couple behind bars.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Canadian Immigration Consultancy Part 2

As posted earlier, CIC is an ubiquitous establishment with branches all over the Philippines, and with each branch are business owners with their own registered business name - all affiliates of United Brokers Inc of Paranaque and John Weisdorf of Toronto, Canada. UBI does not maintain a website but several websites without any inkling that these aites are maintained and operated by United Brokers Inc.

Their m.o. (modus operandi) is to require processing fees starting at forty-five thousand pesos or US$1080 per person or family. OK, this is legit.

The rejected applicants will suffer the most and here it starts...

They required all applicants who have no existing bank accounts to the millions of pesos to loan from loan sharks (one maintains a Chinabank account), at about 18% interest rate per month for show money (actually, one will only get hold of the bank certificate) amounting to 1 million pesos or $24,000.  And wait until the painful verdict of rejected application - for 1 year or so. Do the math.

The most direct profiteering they have is the processing fee payable to Canadian Embassy-Manila. Their contact at the Federal Skilled Worker Centralized Intake Office with postal address P.O. Box 7500, Sydney, NSB1P0A9 will "return" the the processing fee about P60,000 or $1430 by ordinary mail. The better of which is to reduce traces and means of detection of whoever encashes and personifies the payee (rejected applicant) ! But it is addressed to United Brokers, the father affiliate of all CIC branches.

One victim had her refund check encashed at Bank of of the Philippine Islands main branch in Paseo de Roxas, Makati. IDs are not problems - one can have them any time at Recto Ave. However, BPI could not have been that careless!

Even while respondent Grace Soriano of CIC Baguio herself admitted to the rampant practice of estafa in her sworn statement, the Baguio prosecutor dismissed the case! I will reveal her name later as we already sent her a mail mandating (hey, I pay my taxes, and I am a member of We the people of the Republic of the Philippines...!). her to respond... or otherwise...

So there, spread the word, beware of all CIC branches!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Copyrighting "Organic" and Avoiding "Certified" at all cost

There was a time when words were freely used. But the commercialization and profiteering of everything has come to a level when copyright, infringement, intellectual property rights, plagiarism, and other forms of restrictive use of words have gone haywire.

Recently, (and probably still ongoing) the slomo Philippine agriculture have started promoting "organic farming" but every information campaign they conduct, they emphasize for the need to "be careful" (warning in other words) in the use of "organic" in labelling. It is short to telling the listeners to AVOID its use at all cost.

This is of course a very obvious protectionist propaganda - from non-organic producers, from the  well-placed "organic" producers, giant pharmaceuticals, and morons of freedom of speech.

Tsk-tsk-tsk. You know, they even start questioning about putting the animal dung directly on the plant stem (or above its roots). This is of course a Pinoy farming tradition prior to imperial commercialism.

Once again, the Filipinos are being had.

How even the use of the word can make a producer a violator of law is inconceivable. But the heck... Here I am to help:

Use instead safe phrases, but the hell, if it is true, use the word organic! Just avoid the fucking "Certified" and who cares about certification if it meant more regulatory / bureaucratic bullshit &  financial losses for poor producers?

Label it instead with:

This ___(product)___ was made using "organic fertilizer". Or  "organic pesticide".

And to hell with your agri technician who insists otherwise. Let him file a case against you in court. NEVER buckle down.

Meanwhile in her barrio: she cowers in fear

The Sto. Domingo Municipal Dumpsite
Stupidity & Abuse

July 2001 – Butch Tadena’s first term as mayor. He requested help for the mounting garbage at the public market from Ernesto Tadeja. Tadeja volunteered his possession for temporary dumping to relieve and clean the public market where people from Sto. Tomas also buy.
2002 – Tadeja, through a family member wrote a letter inquiring from the mayor what are the future plans for the dumpsite. No definite reply, too many verbal promises.
November 2004 – The people of Sto. Tomas submitted a Petition for the closure of the Municipal Dumpsite due to a one-sided affair – to the detriment of their groundwater and threat to their health and safety. They proposed an option to continue but provide livelihood to the people of Sto. Tomas by converting biodegradable waste into organic fertilizer. No official acted.
Mid 2005 – a single human barricade finally made the former mayor Butch Tadena to conduct dialogue with the Barangay – with the presence of former vice mayor Bong Tobias, municipal engineer Zaldy Rosario, former MPDC Dario Tacad & barangay officials together with the Petitioner. The former mayor promised to abide by the legally prescribed requirements, probably referring to RA 9003. The LGU only distributed generic drugs for one time, bought a parcel of land in the barangay, and transferred the dumpsite nearer to the river.
-          To compensate for lack of any benefit, the punong barangay accepted hospital waste from the Metro Vigan Cooperative Hospital through Tomtom de Vera’s brother Dr. Jojo de Vera. It was rumoured that Tadeja was paid a monthly rental of P4,000 only. How much was Jojo De Vera earning can only be confirmed by the MVCH.
July 2011 – The Punong Barangay with a little help, started to look for possible ways to lessen the negative impact of the dumpsite to the barangay. He first approached Congressman Ryan Singson who immediately provided a project.  In the project proposal verifiable at the office of Cong Singson states: “The barangay is currently the Municipal dumpsite for more than 12 years now and has neither actual protection nor programs for it. Turning the biodegradable waste into organic fertilizer has been proposed in 2005 but the previous administration failed to act on the proposal. With a new Chief Executive Officer, it is hoped that the proposal will be reconsidered,” referring to the 2004 proposal.
August 2011 – The Punong barangay started verbal negotiation with the current administration for the possible development of the 2004 proposal.  Instead of helping, the LGU delayed the fund released by Cong. Singson in November 2011, issued only a notice to the barangay in 20 January 2012, and required “deed of donation of the forest land or MOA between the Barangay Gov’t & the forest land owner” (attached).
October 2011 – Adrian Madriaga, 6 yo drowned and his body lost for 3 days in the 20-30 feet deep dumpsite pit. All 3 of his companions nearly drowned as well.
November 2011 – The Petitioner reiterated the November 2004 Barangay Petition with a letter to the Mayor and SB. The LGU did not respond nor acknowledged the letter at all.
December 16 2011 – The case regarding the dumpsite against the administration of Sto. Domingo LGU was filed at the Ombudsman and pending decision.
February 2012 – a reliable source relayed a statement from the mayor to the Petitioner, “Ania ti kayat ta _ (Petitioner)? Intono kuwan, siak ti nagkutin,” ("what does she want? Sooner or later, I'd be the one to move..." when the mayor was relaying about the dialogue requested by Board Member Roberto Tudayan. The Petitioner was not convinced Amado Lito Tadena said that. "I found him to be more amicable & civilized than that."
2 March 2012 – A dialogue was conducted with Board Member Tudayan by Tadeja, the Petitioner, newly designated LGU ENRO Alex Dorate, and social worker Sesie de Vera. BM Tudayan was bewildered why there was no action at all by the LGU. De Vera insinuated the mayor doing the barangay a favor by closing the hospital dumpsite. The Petitioner forgot to ask if De Vera was aware how much her brother –in-law Jojo de Vera earned from the deal with the MVCH. (Overheard reliable sources snicker about underhanded monickers like Lee Majors and Limahong & said that they are sure pirates will not be had with any deal.)

23 March 2012 – Dialogue at the dumpsite.

Cowering in Fear,
The Petitioner

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Layering & MO in Immigration Consultancy

(MO means modus operandi)

Canadian Immigration Consultancy is probably one of the most ubiquitous agencies for migration in the country today with their red maple leaf logo seen in almost every city and major areas in the country today.

Their offices advertise photos of about five to twenty successful clients with their families. Unknown to the public is the fact that there are hundreds or probably thousands aspiring to become one of CIC (as the office is popularly known) successful aspirants in a matter of 2-4 months. But what is least notable about CIC with a website domain address is that their official receipts and contracts with clients who pay starting from P45,000.00 or more, indicates another company or corporate name as American Oriental Immigration Consultancy, Inc. In addition, upon processing of application, the representing office of Canada called Federal Skilled Worker Centralized Intake Office with postal address P.O. Box 7500, Sydney, NSB1P0A9 will email the applicant through “John  Weisdorf of United Brokers, Inc.” with office address at 21st floor, Washington Tower, Pacific Avenue , Asia World, Paranaque. Here, it can be observed that there are already three layers of agencies involved, or that CIC is only a smokescreen.

In an actual case, applicant and her family were requested to immediately submit together with their application forms for immigration payment for processing fee to the Canadian Embassy in case the immigration pushed through. They were also asked by the staff of the agency to provide bank certificate indicating at least a million pesos worth of cash deposit to an accredited / commercial bank as “show money”. Since many aspirants may not have said amount lying in any local bank, the agency is also kind enough to endorse applicants to a “lending” agency which shall charge applicant monthly interest from the start of “loan” until such time that the applicant will be able to pass immigration requirements and finally secure flight tickets. If the applicant is lucky, he may only be paying monthly dues for 18 months. Another applicant who have not been lucky said that “Naubos ang ipon ko dito sa Taiwan diyan sa CIC na ‘yan! At hanggang ngayon, nasa Pilipinas pa ang pamilya ko!” (All my savings working here in Taiwan were absorbed by CIC! And until now, my family is still there in the Philippines!)

In reality, applicants are only required to provide for bank certificates prior to their flight, which means that after they are already scheduled to leave the Philippines. CIC staff would insist that the bank statement is a requirement which the applicants need to complete prior to submission of their filled up forms to the Canadian Embassy. Only those who are insistent and discerning enough are spared of this ordeal.

An applicant who failed to meet immigration requirement was emailed by the FSW office with email address ( that refund check of processing fee shall arrived in 12 to 18 weeks. Many applicants at CIC have been complaining about the delay of which CIC will only reply “Wait,” or “None yet.” The resourceful may finally find a way to write to the postal address indicated in that email.

After a few months, the FSW office informs the applicant that the refund check has been forwarded but the office sends an “Undertaking of Indemnity” for the applicant to fill-up and sign in order to testify that applicant did not received such check.

The applicant will again wait tens of weeks more after that action. And lucky if they will ever hear from the agency again. One 2008 applicant received an email from Michelle Milanie R. Ramos with email address In this instance, the observant applicant will become aware of another business entity DOX International Services, Incorporated.
Based on the papers and communications,  all these front business organizations are owned and operated by one Atty Erwin John Weisdorf of the Law Society of Upper Canada, Toronto Ontario with passport JG162934. So, there are at least five business names/ organizations involved in the process not to include the FSW CIO.

The email from Michelle Milanie Ramos indicates that the check(s) have been redeemed, and apparently, “they” will wait information from the CIO (FSW) for clarification. However, the contact at CIO in this case, emailed a copy of the encashed check, at Bank of the Philippine Islands and that this same check had been mailed to United Brokers. What is appalling is that the signature of payee/endorsement had erasures or mistakes.

There are several questionable matters about this modus operandi of CIC/United Brokers/ American Oriental Immigration Consultancy, Inc.First, they do not appear in their websites and Second, United Brokers does not appear in the contract with their clients. Third, they have a very obscure refund system which meant that if they have been in the service for decades, could have made them more systematic and prepared to handle such delays. 

List below obtained by this blogger from CIC/ / United Brokers indicate a batch of complainants / victims. Check because your friends or relatives might be one of them: inform them that they are not alone. However, this is a shocking reality that has not yet been brought to proper authorities to be checked and investigated on. 

 Images and names were blurred to protect the sources of this information. These are posted so that the public may know.

Fourth: Their length of operation in the industry have established a "link" at the centralized intake office and that losing checks must already be random, if not the actual business operation being undertaken. Fifth, do they really ever refund checks at all?
And how about the victims of "bank certificates" and show moneys?
Who will protect us from white collared gangsters like them?

Is the Canadian government aware of this?

Be warned. To connect with others who shall be filing case/s against this layered organization, please contact this blogger.