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Monday, July 23, 2012

Blanded and Corporating Events

Branding is a genius of marketing/capitalism. A certain name or logo is retrofitted with various "personalities" and qualities that may or may not be present on it. Many are of course, just illusions, a product of brain-washing.
I find branding a blatant form of classifying people. It is the legalized form of discrimination because you cannot sue them for their brands except when they are overtly brutal such as demoting certain color or race, size of body, or even promoting eroticism or pornography. I mean, pornography is legal and attacking us on all sides, but when a woman in "sexy" outfit is used for a certain brand, then, the brand becomes sexist for debasing the fairer sex. At this instance, I sometimes don't get it.

Now, back to branding.
The Olympics is a fair game. I mean literally and figuratively. So that when they hire "branding police" to protect their insignia, logo and the likes, it becomes to me kinda ridiculous. The Olympics (the Games) is a sporting event that promotes physical competitiveness through accepted activities. It is coveted for by cities or countries for the benefits, prestige, but most importantly, economic effects it could bring to the host so that these localities actually vie and bid for it.

Now, that's big time bucks because I heard the officials have become bureaucratic. And you know what happens at the bureaucracy: you either know the short cut or wait for damnation. So bureaucratic they now need to protect the brand.

So where's the promise? Why round off the hosts for enjoying your event? Or even benefiting from the Olympic Games promise?

The problem with events nowadays (or probably decades now is that marketing have embraced events as something corporate. We no longer fucking celebrate to enjoy but conduct events for return of investment!
Every single, minute thing is being quantified. This is why we no longer enjoy events but events remain a spectacle, something that is no longer associated or united with the celebrants (the people). Events should be returned as they used to be: a showcase of joy, gladness, and thanksgiving. Instead of its current form - a showcase of capitalism, wastage, and rot. Urban decay has never been as fast as the Olympians.