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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mga Nawawalang Anak sa Telebisyong Pinoy

Itinagalog ko na ito kasi tagalog ang lengguwahe ng mga tele-serye ng ABS-CBN at GMA networks... at ang topic ko ngayon, ngayong pinapanuod sa bahay itong Way Back Home.

My point today is that almost all tele serye on said stations tackle one topic: lost child. Nawawalang anak.

I'll list at random and will add as I go on researching. I do not watch these regularly, nor do I really watch them at all... maybe, I just guessed. Let me know if I am wrong...

Mara Clara. 2 baby girls were switched...
Ina, Kapatid, Anak. Twins separated at birth.
May Isang Pangarap.
Apoy Sa Dagat.
Juan dela Cruz.
Agua Bendita.
Princess & I.

Is the theme of the lost child have a relevance to the Filipino psyche? Why the recurring, over-used theme?
Ang Pinoy ba ay nawawalan ng magulang o nawawalan ng anak? Is it about our history? Have our creative writers ran out of imagination? DOes it always have to be a lost child? Ganun na ba kadami ang nakidnap, ipina ampon, na-swap, etcetera, etcetera sa mga batang Pinoy?

It's mind-boggling.

Then, the show for Good Friday featuring  siblings who had the priest brother with leukemia... and the narrator's family is having financial problems for the hospitalization of the priest??? Do these writers or even the ABS-CBN want to educate their viewers and be factual sometimes? even on Good Friday, they will keep fooling people? Priests have health insurance. And will parishioners and the catholic hierarchy will abandon a priest in financial need for his health? I doubt this very badly. It's like a PR movie in bad taste.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kris: Bye Showbiz

What took her so long?
You should have seen the face of Ted Failon... during this stupid interview where there is no director to guide kris aquino on HOW to act and WHAT to say...

should've been funny... if her brother did not betray the Filipinos.