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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Prayers & Thanks

For the victims of the Maguindanao atrocities and their families, my prayers (in a cruel and utterly unfair world, our only hope is a God some call an opium).

Now back to business...
I am one of those relieved and jubilant after Chiz Escudero finally learned to say, "Hello, planet Earth?" and nobody answered.

What's with the Senator?
First off, he got lucky. And he's got the charisma to send for the members of media each time there is an issue wherein a noise is needed. But checking on his background, all you have is an empty drum. Classic trapo in the making.

Many had been anticipating Mr. Escudero would run for vice presidency. I was a bit shocked (but not that much) when I learned today he had been eyeing the presidency. He was that bloated? lol. Behind the scene, with fellow media folks, here are discussions about Mr. Escudero:

"Si Chiz? Kahit nga mga empleyado niya, di siya ibo-boto e! (Not even his employees will vote for him!)"

" Napaka-showbiz nun ano? Pagkatapos niyang magsalita sa harap ng camera, wala nang kilala! (He is very showbiz. After an interview and the camera has stopped focus on him, he knows nobody!)"

In reality, Mr. Escudero is one of those who knew how to use the media, unluckily, the media should know when to inform and protect their sworn public. IMO, his decision to back-out was probably for finding out after going to his campaign sorties how in reality he is not really that popular. His media friends that provided him rah-rah-rah earlier might have already learned his true colors. He is what we'd call "press release". Thank you Mr. Escudero for reducing the trapos in this election.