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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Most Dangerous Place is NOT the Philippines

I really do not know where "journalists" get their data but to call Philippines the "most dangerous place in the world" is a lie.

The Yahoo version even used a pic of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte to further add provocation to an already damaged media-presidency relations. And I'd say it's the media ego at play again. Because let's face it, major and mainstream media are business entities that have their own interests to protect, so, they are - most of the time - biased. And in times that they are not, they are ego-tripping, if not working. The third, of course, is the last resort for being in the media at all.

In this age of social media and comedy, we  seem to be just poking fun at things, including - reporting, and the presidency, or elections and the COMELEC. We cannot help it. Truth and objectivity has become so rare, they can hardly be found in major news outlets.

For Linette Lopez and Amanda Macias of Business Insider, let me give you a list of the most dangerous places in the world as of press time (my press time, of course):
1. Most Dangerous Cities 
This list does not even have Caloocan or Pasay in its top 50, dears. So, get on with it and please, if you can, STOP being so damned stupid.
2. 15 Most Dangerous Places
Lists Sana'a, Yemen, Cape Town, South Africa; Grand Canyon, Arizona; Danakil Desert, Ehiopia; Naples, Italy; Maceio, Brazinl; Baghdad, Iraq; Huntington Ravine Headwall – New Hampshire; Southern Tunisia;  Guatemala; Mogadishu – Somalia; Istanbul – Turkey;   Chihuahua – Mexico; Java and Sumatra – Indonesia, and San Pedro Sula – Honduras for various natural and political reasons. Once again, Manila or Pasay were not included. Or even Davao for that matter.

So, ladies, become the ladies that you should be, and go shopping instead.