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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hiding a Giant Disaster

The Black Sand Mining in Ilocos Sur remain a bigger enigmatic threat and contention among residents and Philippine citizens in general after the Region 1 Mining and Geosciences Bureau led by Engr. Carlos Tayag conducted a media forum in June 28 2012 at Heritage Resort in Caoayan. Some of the attending members of the media claimed first-hand account of the soil erosion along the coastal areas of Sta. Catalina, "We have lost as wide as about 10 meters during the activity, an unprecedented one in my lifetime as resident," shared one of the broadcasters during the forum.

The MGB team insisted that the occurrence has nothing to do with actual mining, as they insisted that the permit given AltaMina Exploration and Resources, Inc was only for exploration purposes. They also indicated that an investigation was conducted after complaints were received at their office and found nothing that would indict the mysterious mining company. When pressed, the MGB group said that the Singsons are not incorporators of AltaMina, a Quezon City-based corporation, an MGB officer said with a grin.  The attendees insisted the vessels and equipment used were printed with Chinese characters and the MGB team rejoined that the project was sanctioned by Malacanang.

It has also been described as small scale, although the media cannot fathom what the Bureau meant as another mining activity is also active in Narvacan. Incidentally, various sectors and entities already sought to stop the activity, but the downplaying done by the MGB during the conference have not been convincing.

Inconsistencies despite the thorough presentation provided by the speakers were noted.

First is the "cradle to the grave" claim as role of the MGB for mining and groundwater concerns of the citizenry. The team admitted to be powerless in all forms of apprehension although another claimed that they can deputize their ranks to investigate, impound, and execute affidavit for court purposes. Second  is their hazard mapping questioned also by members of the media to be inconsistent in purpose as initially, it was said to be a guide for all citizens of the Republic and yet, MGB was the first to violate its use as already deemed hazardous areas are compromised. This is with regards to MGB's claim that 700 meters is the safety buffer for all shoreline mining activities. Obviously, the areas shown on the videos (links) above cannot justify the MGB claims.

The MGB also re-routed the issue to the Abra River and delta in Caoayan and Vigan City as the threat that the government and local sectors should focus on. The team implied for the need to re-trace a straighter path of the Abra River  and to relocate the barangays affected by the plan. Geologist Efren Penaflor warned a possible repeat of the Cagayan de Oro and Iligan flooding. Construction and mining activities, however, seemed to be the order of the warning instead of more viable, less nature-invasive approach such as reforestation and improvement of flood-control vegetation in the areas. Apparently, sand and gravel quarrying is a more attractive option for the justification of digging and diking to be conducted.

The towns that have been found to have black sand or magnetite minerals include San Vicente, Santa Catalina, Caoayan, and Santo Domingo. All LGUs, according to the MGB were informed and they insisted the mining company or companies they issued permits followed requirements.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stop Voting

Rodriguez, Lacson-Noel, Bondoc, and Gunigundo (not shown is Gomez and Revilla)

OK - just next to the best thing we can do is to STOP voting for disastrous white elephants. For advocating (authoring SHOULD never be the word, these people can write? Then I must be Mark Twain) a bill allowing promotion of commercial infant formula for use of 6 month-old babies - Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez and Malabon Rep. Josephine Veronique Lacson-Noel Reps. Anna York Bondoc, Lani Mercado-Revilla, Lucy Torres-Gomez, and Magtanggol Gunigundo. Remember their faces, names, and their stupidity. We are paying people to do stupid, disastrous acts? GAD! with a capital G.

Commercial milk is a questionable food. They had to invent a disease called lactose-intolerance to justify the natural reaction of our stomach for it - and that is to eject. The body automatically ejects poison. Thus, after drinking milk, you go straight to the john. Notice, too, that after a baby drinks commercial infant formula, they burp and throw out about 3/4 of the milk drank. It is the same as throwing up after we eat something awful and poisonous.

There's only one reason why these white elephants are endorsing a pre-paid bill (usually written by their consultants or lobbyists paid by business giants) and I need not post the obvious.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yeah, Right

Not to deride Gerry Plaza (not that I know him beyond this post) and the More Fun team of the Philippine Government about the "Jason Bourne franchise" for stating:

Push PH as a filmmaking destination
Given the popularity of the Bourne franchise, the new installment is sure to shine the light on the Philippines—certainly for its tourist spots, but also for the rawness and decay of its urban landscape.  And showing international filmmakers both faces of the country may open their eyes to the potential of making their future movies here.
We should make the most out of this fantastic exposure. Government and private businesses should take advantage of all that free publicity from the "The Bourne Legacy" to push the Philippines as a filmmaking destination.
It won't just generate revenue and create jobs, it will also be a priceless learning experience for our actors and film workers.

but  to be excited about something as trivial as having your locality for filming an international movie as popular as the "Jason Bourne franchise" is downright shallow. Thing about us is, we are so into pop culture we are basically setting aside all of our values and things that are really important.

Take for instance our singers who broke into "international stardom". We (prob'bly the media in particular)  hype too much of them as if it is the only way Filipinos could stand out or make a difference.

Jesus Christ.

When we should all be pushing for the second phase of the CJ Corona impeachment - that is - tracking all of the SALN (we ilocanos call it 'sal-iten- our vernacular for fucked-up), bank account and properties of ALL government officials, here we are sucked up in the Jessica Sanchez American Idol snag, and everything else that are downright base.

No amount of EDSA revolt will ever  change our lot if we keep being this way. And I can't believe we in the media are populated with hypocrites that thrive on the mundane. Like, if Plaza had really been into the "Jason Bourne franchise", he should know by now Bourne became popular because he defied the US government's stupid and corrupt officials.

And that is what really is important.

I am sooo into Robert Ludlum books, so, I hate it when just suddenly, something as stupid as this comes out in the media.