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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celebrating Our New Heroes

Former AFP Budget Officer George Rabusa, now our New Hero (Source: Inquirer)

It is not every decade or probably a rarer phenomenon still, to see and hear actual heroes. Even while there are no substantial evidence (for government officials who have never tried to catch a thief from the government offices, substantial evidence meant a sworn statement that the accused is guilty, or probably something more exonerating) yet, we are now, in our own humble corner, declaring retired Lt. Col. Rabusa our modern Filipino hero circa Noynoy Aquino.
For me and others who may, he is one in 80 million. A rare gem.
To read part of his heroism, please click here. More here. What he did, file case of plunder against former and current AFP and PNP officers is like touting the Mafia, or China's ruling party for a game of Russian roulette. It is literally like what the dead Angelo Reyes did.
But atheists that we are, we now seek powers that are to protect Rabusa. He have to finish his job. It's not about being a budget officer. It is about being a new hero.