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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Canadian Immigration Consultancy Part 2

As posted earlier, CIC is an ubiquitous establishment with branches all over the Philippines, and with each branch are business owners with their own registered business name - all affiliates of United Brokers Inc of Paranaque and John Weisdorf of Toronto, Canada. UBI does not maintain a website but several websites without any inkling that these aites are maintained and operated by United Brokers Inc.

Their m.o. (modus operandi) is to require processing fees starting at forty-five thousand pesos or US$1080 per person or family. OK, this is legit.

The rejected applicants will suffer the most and here it starts...

They required all applicants who have no existing bank accounts to the millions of pesos to loan from loan sharks (one maintains a Chinabank account), at about 18% interest rate per month for show money (actually, one will only get hold of the bank certificate) amounting to 1 million pesos or $24,000.  And wait until the painful verdict of rejected application - for 1 year or so. Do the math.

The most direct profiteering they have is the processing fee payable to Canadian Embassy-Manila. Their contact at the Federal Skilled Worker Centralized Intake Office with postal address P.O. Box 7500, Sydney, NSB1P0A9 will "return" the the processing fee about P60,000 or $1430 by ordinary mail. The better of which is to reduce traces and means of detection of whoever encashes and personifies the payee (rejected applicant) ! But it is addressed to United Brokers, the father affiliate of all CIC branches.

One victim had her refund check encashed at Bank of of the Philippine Islands main branch in Paseo de Roxas, Makati. IDs are not problems - one can have them any time at Recto Ave. However, BPI could not have been that careless!

Even while respondent Grace Soriano of CIC Baguio herself admitted to the rampant practice of estafa in her sworn statement, the Baguio prosecutor dismissed the case! I will reveal her name later as we already sent her a mail mandating (hey, I pay my taxes, and I am a member of We the people of the Republic of the Philippines...!). her to respond... or otherwise...

So there, spread the word, beware of all CIC branches!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Copyrighting "Organic" and Avoiding "Certified" at all cost

There was a time when words were freely used. But the commercialization and profiteering of everything has come to a level when copyright, infringement, intellectual property rights, plagiarism, and other forms of restrictive use of words have gone haywire.

Recently, (and probably still ongoing) the slomo Philippine agriculture have started promoting "organic farming" but every information campaign they conduct, they emphasize for the need to "be careful" (warning in other words) in the use of "organic" in labelling. It is short to telling the listeners to AVOID its use at all cost.

This is of course a very obvious protectionist propaganda - from non-organic producers, from the  well-placed "organic" producers, giant pharmaceuticals, and morons of freedom of speech.

Tsk-tsk-tsk. You know, they even start questioning about putting the animal dung directly on the plant stem (or above its roots). This is of course a Pinoy farming tradition prior to imperial commercialism.

Once again, the Filipinos are being had.

How even the use of the word can make a producer a violator of law is inconceivable. But the heck... Here I am to help:

Use instead safe phrases, but the hell, if it is true, use the word organic! Just avoid the fucking "Certified" and who cares about certification if it meant more regulatory / bureaucratic bullshit &  financial losses for poor producers?

Label it instead with:

This ___(product)___ was made using "organic fertilizer". Or  "organic pesticide".

And to hell with your agri technician who insists otherwise. Let him file a case against you in court. NEVER buckle down.

Meanwhile in her barrio: she cowers in fear

The Sto. Domingo Municipal Dumpsite
Stupidity & Abuse

July 2001 – Butch Tadena’s first term as mayor. He requested help for the mounting garbage at the public market from Ernesto Tadeja. Tadeja volunteered his possession for temporary dumping to relieve and clean the public market where people from Sto. Tomas also buy.
2002 – Tadeja, through a family member wrote a letter inquiring from the mayor what are the future plans for the dumpsite. No definite reply, too many verbal promises.
November 2004 – The people of Sto. Tomas submitted a Petition for the closure of the Municipal Dumpsite due to a one-sided affair – to the detriment of their groundwater and threat to their health and safety. They proposed an option to continue but provide livelihood to the people of Sto. Tomas by converting biodegradable waste into organic fertilizer. No official acted.
Mid 2005 – a single human barricade finally made the former mayor Butch Tadena to conduct dialogue with the Barangay – with the presence of former vice mayor Bong Tobias, municipal engineer Zaldy Rosario, former MPDC Dario Tacad & barangay officials together with the Petitioner. The former mayor promised to abide by the legally prescribed requirements, probably referring to RA 9003. The LGU only distributed generic drugs for one time, bought a parcel of land in the barangay, and transferred the dumpsite nearer to the river.
-          To compensate for lack of any benefit, the punong barangay accepted hospital waste from the Metro Vigan Cooperative Hospital through Tomtom de Vera’s brother Dr. Jojo de Vera. It was rumoured that Tadeja was paid a monthly rental of P4,000 only. How much was Jojo De Vera earning can only be confirmed by the MVCH.
July 2011 – The Punong Barangay with a little help, started to look for possible ways to lessen the negative impact of the dumpsite to the barangay. He first approached Congressman Ryan Singson who immediately provided a project.  In the project proposal verifiable at the office of Cong Singson states: “The barangay is currently the Municipal dumpsite for more than 12 years now and has neither actual protection nor programs for it. Turning the biodegradable waste into organic fertilizer has been proposed in 2005 but the previous administration failed to act on the proposal. With a new Chief Executive Officer, it is hoped that the proposal will be reconsidered,” referring to the 2004 proposal.
August 2011 – The Punong barangay started verbal negotiation with the current administration for the possible development of the 2004 proposal.  Instead of helping, the LGU delayed the fund released by Cong. Singson in November 2011, issued only a notice to the barangay in 20 January 2012, and required “deed of donation of the forest land or MOA between the Barangay Gov’t & the forest land owner” (attached).
October 2011 – Adrian Madriaga, 6 yo drowned and his body lost for 3 days in the 20-30 feet deep dumpsite pit. All 3 of his companions nearly drowned as well.
November 2011 – The Petitioner reiterated the November 2004 Barangay Petition with a letter to the Mayor and SB. The LGU did not respond nor acknowledged the letter at all.
December 16 2011 – The case regarding the dumpsite against the administration of Sto. Domingo LGU was filed at the Ombudsman and pending decision.
February 2012 – a reliable source relayed a statement from the mayor to the Petitioner, “Ania ti kayat ta _ (Petitioner)? Intono kuwan, siak ti nagkutin,” ("what does she want? Sooner or later, I'd be the one to move..." when the mayor was relaying about the dialogue requested by Board Member Roberto Tudayan. The Petitioner was not convinced Amado Lito Tadena said that. "I found him to be more amicable & civilized than that."
2 March 2012 – A dialogue was conducted with Board Member Tudayan by Tadeja, the Petitioner, newly designated LGU ENRO Alex Dorate, and social worker Sesie de Vera. BM Tudayan was bewildered why there was no action at all by the LGU. De Vera insinuated the mayor doing the barangay a favor by closing the hospital dumpsite. The Petitioner forgot to ask if De Vera was aware how much her brother –in-law Jojo de Vera earned from the deal with the MVCH. (Overheard reliable sources snicker about underhanded monickers like Lee Majors and Limahong & said that they are sure pirates will not be had with any deal.)

23 March 2012 – Dialogue at the dumpsite.

Cowering in Fear,
The Petitioner