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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prosecutor Merly C. Espinosa of Baguio Creates Facts for Defense

Meanwhile in Her Barrio: How Big is the Conspiracy at Canadian Immigration?
Prosecutor Merly Espinosa: Defendant is not affiliated with United Brokers Inc (even if she says so!)

In January 2012, a complainant filed with the City Prosecutor of Baguio the case INV 12-00033 vs. Grace Soriano, owner of American Oriental Immigration Consultancy in SM Baguio & Dagupan, and affiliate of Canadian Immigration Consultancy / United Brokers, Ltd., Inc. (Paranaque). It was determined as estafa, falsification of documents, etc by the receiving officer (he told these verbally to complainant).

Summary of the case:
Complainant applied as immigrant. Paid for agency fee to CIC ( / Soriano amounting to about P45k. They paid additional P65k in cross check to Canadian Embassy Manila for processing fee. This was refunded after the application was denied, and check was refunded to United Brokers Inc owned by a certain Atty. John Weisdorf from the Law Society of Upper Canada in Toronto, with passport # JG262934, according to CIO with email address, "MB - Finance Clerk" of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada based in 196 George Street Sydney Nova Scotia BIP 1J3. The check issued by the Government of Canada 99743002962 dated March 16 2011. It was drawn at BPI Family main branch in Paseo Wing, GF, BPI Bldg, Ayala Ave., Makati in April 19, 2011.

Sept. 28, 2011, a Michelle Milanie Ramos of, another front for United Brokers, Inc., claiming that their office received information from CIO that the check issued on my name was already redeemed by "person unknown", blah blah.

Response of Grace Soriano of Lots F & G Bernabe Drive, Lexber Heights, Camp 7,Baguio City, Defendant, president of American Oriental Immigration Consultants, Inc, using Canadian Immigration Consultancy (CIC) as business name: "our agency forwarded the accomplished application form together with the check P65k to united Brokers, Inc, an affiliate of CIC..." (P6)... "That the loss and subsequent encashment of the refund check of complainant by unknown person is not an isolated case. There are several incidents of the same nature involving return checks sent by the Canadian embassy through mail and were encashed by imposters..." (P12, Grace Soriano).

Decision by prosecutor Merly C. Espinosa: Paragraph 4. "Respondent on the other hand countered that she nor the staff of American Oriental Immigration Consultancy Incorporated never received the said check and that she is not in any way connected with United Brokers..."

Hello Prosecutor? You need a microscope and another grammar class.

We sent a letter to explain herself to prosecutor Espinosa in Feb 28 2012, but she seems to indicate to be untouchable by not responding. Whoever sends me a photo of Espinosa for posting here will be rewarded.