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Friday, February 26, 2010

Smart Hi-Jacking Continues

Whatever happened to "Manong Johnny's" campaign against giant mobile service providers - Smart and Globe - which continue hijacking cellphone loads from consumers?
Manong Johnny, now that many of your fellow tradpols admit EDSA was already diminished to a level that make Cory and Ninoy cringe in their graves endless, does not mean you can leave us taxpayers alone. What happened? (We don't expect the De Venecias could actually do something either but for the sake of our Payless taxes, do speak and stand up). Many consumers have maintained their silence for several big business passes now... well, for all we know, inyo-inyo rin naman ang karamihan ng big businesses (toinks sa ating mga Pinoy)

I have minimized loading up due to internet connectivity but recent Smart e-loads which allows me to send only 10 messages for a P20 load without activating their ALLTX20COMBO (by texting C20 to 2827) promo has grown monstrous. Thing is, we don't actually pay only P20 for these tingi loads but P22. I also noticed how my P30 e-load sends only about the same number of SMS. These voracious institutions who already makes loads of millions per day want everything and will get away with everything they can hi-jack as long as nobody raises hell.
Their monopoly of major media advertisements make them almost untouchables but the heck.
Hey Smart people what is going on? To default your e-load products to your promo is un-called for.
Sure you have no respect to your customers for a long time now since you've been making mega-bucks daily, but why drag us to go berserk? (Actually, am a peaceful person, I can only lash with this keyboard.)