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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Postal Importer

So, now, I am a certified small-time importer because the Bureau of Customs has finally taxed me for buying $62 worth of items online! (been cursing non-stop since yesterday afternoon, if you want to know the truth).
There's duty tax, value added tax, shipping tax, commission and brokerage fee, cost of containers, amount of royalties, value of resale, loading and handling, and cost of insurance-so that for a $62 woth of purchase cost me some P1,725. To say the least, I was shocked. Sabi ko sa manong who issued me a receipt: Nakakawindang lang po kasi mga puncher lang binili ko! All the while akala ko, WTO was doing me good for reducing imported tariff and all that!" Naloka talaga ako!

Sabi nung isang staff, "kasi pag more than $50 na purchase value, me tax po." And I retorted, "So, pag mga $49 lang, wala? Next time pala, $49 lang ipapalagay kong value sa vendor ko." Di na siya umimik.

Sabi nung manong na taga-post office, buti nga hindi inilagay sa bigtime importing yong items ko, kasi daw, ang amount, more than P2,500. Hello? Pang San Miguel Corporation na nga lang daw 'yong mga ganung taxes.

Shocks, I owe the manong post officer one! Salamat po!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nymphet Video and Presidential Implants

About a month back, half of the male Pinoy population were titillated to learn it's out (yeah, 80% of the entire tv-viewing pop had been anticipating it), the Katrina Halili sex video. What was new, actually, was the partner and the doctora involved.
Then, a few days back, our attention is switched to President GMA's breast implant news.

The two reflects the Philippne machismo at its best. Incidentally, both females are products of the wonders of cosmetic surgey. I still vividly recall when GMA the tv network first featured Halili in bikinis at the series Darna with ogrish lines in her belly as if the Philippines has ran out of sexy women (gosh, I'm blushing, the Philippines never will ran out of sexy women!).

The first: much-anticipated, the second:much anticipated tragedy.

IMO, the Halili issue pales in comparison of worth, lasciviousness, and shame against the presidential augmentation, or implant, or however one may call it. I've seen all the faces of those politicians on television and NOBODY looked sincere about their comments that it was entirely a personal thing, blah blah... with their lascivious and obscene grins pasted on their faces. And I mean all of them (including the priest, I am sorry forgive me father, blah blah blah). Well, actually, the mention of Mr. Enrile's comment dismissing Ms. Arroyo's breast implant as entirely "her own business" is a big joke and so are the rest of those old men who made it appear it was not their business to comment. Gaaaad! with a capital G. If I were a sexist, I'd die laughing of puke.

Sexism is grown on me (how do you explain a sexist father?) and right on their faces shouting (those politico freaks) I've read this: Ang gaga, akala niya me iaasim pa siya.

I really don't know if I'd get a presidential pardon for "libel" here but it's the truth, people, so stop pretending.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dealing with a Philipine Government Agency from Scratch

In my lifetime, I have continuously been dealing with government agencies with or without a connection. In most cases, 90% were failures. And in some cases, I succeed. In the 10% case I succeeded, here are some tips I learned:

1. Visit or call office branch /agency.
2. Try asking from their own personnel whom to address (OIC) your formal letter. In this case, be patient (warned). Many are hired without a hint of what they are or what their role is in that office, in most probability they will not know what you are talking about and will pass you to an average of 3-7 other personnel before getting the correct answer.
3. Get the complete name, position, office address, and contact number of the OIC.
4. Make a formal letter introducing your organization, purpose, and rationale.
5. Submit the letter to the above mentioned office, with your own copy. Let the receiver print his/her name, signature, date received, and contact number. Inform him/her that you shall be making a follow-up.
6. In case the personnel directs you to the OIC, then go ahead and give your letter. Answer his/her inquiry honestly, emphasizing the "good favor" they will be doing.
7. In case of an "un-sure" or for follow-up answer, get his direct line or name of secretary and the date / time it would be best to follow-up.
8. Make your follow-up on the agreed date and time. In case you won't be able to talk to the OIC, get the name and position of the one who answered your call and leave a message about your purpose as well as your intention to call again to GET the answer - explicitly request or command the ijeet to take down your message and give it to the officer. Make your voice as if you are a taxpayer and providing for their salaries, because you are a tax payer and providing the salaries of the president down to the first gentleman (darn!).
8. Since it is a government agency, you are expected to make the follow-up (repeatedly) until your patience ran out. If it has ran (or is it run?) out, you have the right to raise your voice and demand for the ijeets you listed down whom you gave your message to. Harass them.
9. In the instance your proposal / request was turned down, shout invectives and cuss. Its the least way to get even.
10. Last warning: in the BIR hotline, most of the above does not work. Cuss them instantly!