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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dear Mr. Mark Zuckerberg

Mr. Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg:

I am a struggling freelancer managing small online businesses. Sometime in July, or August, I tried your FaceBook ads, placing a daily budget of $1/day for 10 days. Then, I made another ad, this time a $1/day ad for 15 days, and another $1/day for 15 days...

The following are what FaceBook charged me:
I filed for dispute at Paypal, and then, I was charged this:
I was expecting to be charged a TOTAL of $40 USD and FaceBook charged me a total of US$ 148?
I earn very little from these online businesses. The $148 total you took from me takes about 3 months to accumulate. And you took more than $100 away for things that ONLY FaceBook knows about?

Isn't this a shame?

Signed and with much regret,

The Nasty