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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Codename: Asero Tips from the Kamikaze Warrior

I didn't mind television thrash so much, except for some witty ads like that Bioessence or something shampoo commercial of un-photoshopped man and his hair.

And the Robin Padilla/Angel Locsin tandem Asian Treasures has become forgivable because of this initial mediocrity.

It's not the celebrity talents. There are simply a lot of misguided elements lifted or taken from a lot of spy movies (or tv series--- The A Team --- to be specific) as well as characterization that makes it sablay to the ultimatum.

Of course I am exaggerating. Neither am I an expert on espionage, but I was a spy-kamikaze in my other life, so, I am not here to argue. Just an assassin out to liquidate whatever comes my way on the Asero blah.

The opening. The establishing into using disierto and Arabs is downright stupid and discriminatory. A preview of those made-in-China scorpion toys. Spies NEVER stand out wherever they are. They blend with the sand in the desert, even assuming poisonous arachnids or camels if need be. Get producers?

Sure we've had loads of Hollywood terrorist movies predicting 9-1-1 and even the impending US vs. Iran war (which even obscenely high paid Homeland Security - US of course - observers base their analysis) involving as always our Muslim brothers, but people, we're never really sure who's behind these paid suicide bombers, or if Osama bin Laden is actually an Arab. Because back here in the Philippines, fellow writers, we also have suicide assassins who will kill vocal journalists for only five thousand pesos (yeah, that cheap you need not go far for character).

Then, that tube. We've seen that elsewhere, bummer. It was in a Jacky Chan movie.

Even Janno Gibbs who's a natural dork has become uncomfortable in his role I can't believe I'd see a trace of embarrassment on his face when finally joined by Grecko (Richard Gutierrez' character) in that intro.

Then Bitoy. We all like Bitoy. But not this time. Is he being depicted as a cross between the oldie in Back to the Future and a modern-day IT geek?

He should have been better packaged as the clean-cut, goggles-wearing, old, plain, real-life Beethoven Bunagan. Because formerly, we had inventors and scientists who hermit themselves in their laboratories, while our present-day ITs splurge on the wonders that technology brings them, including food, vanity sets, and all the materialism they could put their fingers into (even just by hacking).

What I am trying to say is that production involves research and espionage is about blending and never having to be obvious. The first episode blasted of "glaringly obvious" if there ever was a phrase. It was simply a crime.