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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Copyrighting "Organic" and Avoiding "Certified" at all cost

There was a time when words were freely used. But the commercialization and profiteering of everything has come to a level when copyright, infringement, intellectual property rights, plagiarism, and other forms of restrictive use of words have gone haywire.

Recently, (and probably still ongoing) the slomo Philippine agriculture have started promoting "organic farming" but every information campaign they conduct, they emphasize for the need to "be careful" (warning in other words) in the use of "organic" in labelling. It is short to telling the listeners to AVOID its use at all cost.

This is of course a very obvious protectionist propaganda - from non-organic producers, from the  well-placed "organic" producers, giant pharmaceuticals, and morons of freedom of speech.

Tsk-tsk-tsk. You know, they even start questioning about putting the animal dung directly on the plant stem (or above its roots). This is of course a Pinoy farming tradition prior to imperial commercialism.

Once again, the Filipinos are being had.

How even the use of the word can make a producer a violator of law is inconceivable. But the heck... Here I am to help:

Use instead safe phrases, but the hell, if it is true, use the word organic! Just avoid the fucking "Certified" and who cares about certification if it meant more regulatory / bureaucratic bullshit &  financial losses for poor producers?

Label it instead with:

This ___(product)___ was made using "organic fertilizer". Or  "organic pesticide".

And to hell with your agri technician who insists otherwise. Let him file a case against you in court. NEVER buckle down.

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