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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Deviants & Young Turks

My interest was recently pricked with the 24 Oras feature on the so-called young turks. Years before, the "pogi" congressmen (with a couple successfully jumping to the senate) filled us with enough "pogi points" agenda that propelled them to higher position. There was, of course, a dearth of relevance, if any at all.

It seemed, to remain "ideal" today has the youths divided: deviants or politically correct. Or inclined. And we've heard of "so young and so corrupt" once and never will forget as this is lived up through their effing end.

So, there, I'd remain a deviant. Effing deviant. The sad part is that, I am poor. Or I could have successfully launched a massive campaign against freakin' elitism that plagued all that made-it and making it previously "idealist" effing youths.

The problem has always been a separation. Deviants fill the streets during protests, massive or otherwise. They have become a joke which I find NOT funny at all. They are our only remaining hope, and wish upon the deepest (blah blah) they are untainted.

Who could NOT be untainted? They learn something, the political factions pick 'em up and add up "pogi" points for themselves as a projection to the masses that they support the cause (of the masses). Of course, this is effing bull. I knew of a classmate who was said to have led the LFS in UP demonstrations during college days, who became a Sangguniang Kabataan chairman, scaled up the ranks, and ended up as Sangguniang Panlalawigan member under a puppet republic (ei, we had a republic, hehe).

So we'd always wonder what the rest who are a little bit flabby (or swelling to burst) and whom we call honorables actually deserve. I'd say lechon frying?

Honorable in this country has turned into a big, bad joke, and they are effing ignorant about it. And the youth who could effect change are aiming to run as "public servants". Pathetic. Honorables and public servants are the same. Much like lechon, they were made of thick, hideous, cancerous, fat while breathing.

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