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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pinoy Idol

Pwedeng magmura?

First off, I was never a fan (nor audience) of American Idol. It seemed its audience and fans need a lot of sarcasm in this world (had enough of it, nyehehe). So, when Pinoy Idol started airing, I was amused at first, and curious how Ogie Alcasid (he's a very nice guy, am tellin' you) would hack it. About Wyngard Tracy, I have never really met him to exchange a line or two to get a glimpse of his personality, and the ladies they pick to complete the trio of judges (ei, hubby's violently reacting about Jolina Magdangal, hehe, he's asking if she had any hit single? coz I'd get Manilyn Reynes any time)...

Ei, we're they reading sarcastic scripts? lol!

MISTAKE # 1. The recruiters DID NOT INFORM THEIR AUDIENCE & aspirants that LOOKS matter.
MISTAKE # 2. As already blogged elsewhere, the show dooms originality. Most hits banked on original melody, recall, and listener impact, not on being able to "creatively" (AAAAARGH!) imitate or reenact somebody else's hit... well, sure it pays to cover (plakado) here as showbands, or do remakes Nina-fashion.

Pinoy Idol, for fooling their participants in part or in full could be considered a hoax.


For the record, backstage host Raymond Gutierrez just awhile ago announced the importance of "overall appeal" for all participants...

It is just disheartening (yeah, I have it!) to see the hopefuls' dreams crumble before hundreds of thousands of peoples eyes... but I won't mind if senators and congressmen were the participants...

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