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Thursday, May 29, 2008


An insignia, or replica, or however you may call it, of our flag (Red white & blue, stars over you...) over imposed with the words "Pilipinas kong Mahal" and the word "mahal" underlined" is scattered all over the metro. Some suspect it has got to do with june 12. Am not really sure what June 12 is. I don't express my nationalism and pride in terms of remembering celebrations like national flag day, or whatever-national day.

I find it double-entendre... If it's from government offices, whoever had it approved for printing is a genius. He had his message sent. If it was from protest groups, they must be well-oiled, if y'know-wat-eye-meen.

A couple of months back, I uttered the words, blogged about it as we attempt to take the first steps to get out of this country...

I love this country and its people. Except its government system and the people in it... It's as simple as that. I wrote it once and I will do it again: If I had a choice, I don't want to leave. In fact, I have chosen not to, even if I am not a moneyed elite who could start a business with a click of a finger to survive in this garbage jungle, even if I have no politician for a back-up for whatever ambition I might be aspiring (have you tasted your own barf?) (Wow, I must be a The way its going, we who are left in the country have become heroes in our own right...

Reminds me more than a decade back when visiting at Fort Santiago, classmate-officemate barkada Eynah asked me where (or how?) might I have been have I dwelt during the Spanish era. She had the romantic Kapitan Tiago feasts in her mind... like this...

But I answered, pointing at the tunnels, "I would be there... probably a prisoner."

And she retorted with a laugh, "How consistent!"

I still don't know why Ninoy Aquino said it... "The Filipino is worth dying for..." but I'd take him for national hero any time if only for those words.

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