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Thursday, February 21, 2008


I blow up when provoked. Bad thing. I shout a lot of murderous stuff in --- here. To hell with reunions. Fucking reunions. It won't make a hungry child full, for a single second. Fuck that sonamabitch goodgirl college classmate. She can have all she want. But I wonder. Hah!

I had fun.

In this world, if you really come down to it, Solomon was not really a wise king. Else, he could have blown away early like the rockstars and Hollywood celebs yesterday. Am not wise either. So I waste my time thinking why am I here?

And I look around at younger (girls?) women around me, thinking "Have they got what they want?" "Are they happy?" "Shit, what makes them happy?" "Darn, why am I here? What am I gonna do? Why can't I fit in?"

Thing is, nobody notices. SO, I get around, plastered with a look that fools everyone else. I just hope.

And I keep wondering what good am I gonna do with --- myself. This is a headache.

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