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Monday, February 25, 2008

Asians, & the Filipino

The Japanese have a propensity to self-destruct when faced with scandals. They commit suicide. Our Chinese neighbors resign from their profession or organization, and apologize. Our Middle East counterparts serve their cause by becoming kamikaze bombers. Last night in the Philippines, the news blasts off about un-ending EDSA revolutions... some thousands, many of them illustrious personalities being used by ZTE bid losers.

And we seem to remain clueless.

There is only one EDSA miracle and that was the only one. In Madam Cory's time. There never was a second. Nor will there be any third.

Until the majority of them are seated in the highest ranks, we will remain a moro-moro nation. Until their wives, mistresses, sons and daughters occupy the next position, or become heir to their kingdoms (yes, they firmly believe the area they represent is their kingdom), we will remain Asia's clown.

The saddest part is that the majority of us let it happen. Until now.

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