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Monday, February 25, 2008

An Invitation: WANTED

To all bloggers who may chance upon this blog, at least 38 years old and below...
  • Young,
  • fearless (yikes),
  • has a vision,
  • physically and mentally fit for a challenge,
  • at least have his or her own source of income and would not need financial support for this endeavor,
  • Had it enough with the kinakalawang system
  • Lawyers very much welcome (is this really possible?)
  • Frustrated secret agents also very much welcome
  • And willing to have an adventure for a cause.

I want to form a team of young professionals who want to have an adventure with government agencies. Let's play their game. This is not illegal. Although an illegal and underground one is very tempting at the moment. Details are still under development and I would need a lot of input. Leave me a message. I don't know if I am making sense. Or that this will actually lead to something. Maybe yes, maybe no. It does not really matter. I will try. I hope you will.

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