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Sunday, February 17, 2008


From the Yahoo News again:

"CIA set up 12 bogus companies mostly in Europe after 9/11: report

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Following the September 11, 2001, attacks, the US Central Intelligence Agency set up 12 bogus companies in Europe and other parts of the world in the hope of penetrating Islamic organizations, The Los Angeles Times reported on its website late Saturday.

But citing current and former CIA officials, the newspaper said the agency had now shut down all but two of them after concluding they were ill-conceived.
The firms were part of an ambitious plan to increase the number of CIA case officers sent overseas under what is known as "nonofficial cover" in order to increase the agency's potential for penetrating Islamic networks, the report said.

According to the paper, the agents posed as employees of investment banks, consulting firms or other fictitious enterprises with no apparent ties to the US government.
But the plan became the source of significant dispute within the agency, The Times noted.

The CIA-run "companies" were located far from Muslim enclaves in Europe and other targets, and their size raised concerns that one mistake would blow the cover of many agents, the report noted.

In addition, because businessmen don't usually come into contact with Al-Qaeda operatives, the cover didn't work, The Times said.

Officials say the CIA's efforts to use corporate disguises have yet to produce a significant penetration of terrorist or weapons proliferation networks, the paper pointed out.

Funny. The CIA should set up work-providing companies, online and off, and Pakistani and other nationality Muslims will come in line... But aren't bank owners and investors mostly CIA guys and their counterparts in the underworld?

A few months back, I had the opportunity to research on money laundering and ended up in laughter as I read on its history and how banks offshore or on some islands (and I also read in federal state banks) were set up, utilized and patronized by individuals or groups that are supposed to be after each other's ass. lol.

Well, researchers were pushing on marketing strategies that arms-manufacturing bigwigs have been implementing: corporate social responsibility. lol!

Taunt a little generosity of canned goods and fashion surplusses and the ravages of war and greed are cosmetised effectively. Throw in a Hollywood face and its a done deal.

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