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Monday, October 10, 2016

The Invisible Force: A book review

I am not really into book reviews... first off, because someone (or a bunch) out there has already placed it in better words and perspective more than I could ever attempt, got the right platform or fund to promote, and back it up for a specific period of time. And I'd just be another second-third-rate ranter with nothing new to offer.

But I'll honestly review this out of a need and personal commitment, as objectively as possible.

The e-book is quite brief at just 112 pages, packed with lots of quirky quotes such as that of the opener from Why the LuckyStiff, some others, and pop-rock lyrics from the Boss, The Doors, Nirvana, to Lenka! There are allusions to Robert Ludlum beginning from the main character Alex Howell (combo of Alexander Conklin from the Bourne Trilogy and Peter Howell from the Covert One series) to the giant business greed, a secret agency within a secret agency and global hopping off of the agent/s. It was notable, too, that two of the leading characters were rockstar-wannabes, indicative of an era when every gasoline boy (who graduated in college), and office staff were into alternative rock band thing.
It also hit on the most active third world facebook users. Probably based on its clown senators that plagiarize.

The presentation of some of the main characters seem wanting - could be because succeeding parts will provide a deeper exploration of these characters? We can only speculate. But after a couple of chuckles, and the temporary satisfaction of good winning over evil in  the reality-based fiction (by the way, it presents factual natural calamities as a manipulation of MNCs), we hope with fingers crossed that it is just fiction and ask, when's that next series coming out?

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