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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Woe Smart!

So, I have an ongoing love-hate relationship with Smart Communications. For the longest period, I have used several of its services - longest mobile phone service, longest internet service, smart money card, and - here I am testing its capabilities again...

I have a Smart prepaid pocket wifi that I use in emergencies. Like during travel and I need to work or keep in touch for work reasons.

And now, I want to load my pocket wifi using online payment system (hey, the Smart money beats the rest of the communication companies on this!) - but BPI was the first to offer this.

And I get this error message. 

Take  closer look:
So, I click on the Help / Support.
Does not work either.

Product development is good and fast at Smart. But development does not sync with their web developers' capabilities...

Smart, you've been dumbed....

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