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Thursday, August 1, 2013

And now that we are Smart, let us as well be Aleck

At Facebook posts...

BIR chief: 90% of PH professionals tax evaders

Aleck: With the kind of government service we are getting, we should already have HANGED the lot of them a long time ago for GROSS violations of constitutional and human rights! Taxes, my ass! We pay taxes daily through Payless and Lucky Me! nyeta!
FB post: Twain was an atheist . He didn't even know what is the meaning of the word " church " . Many people today don't understand the meaning of the word " church " . When they see a building , they say , " That's a church ! " The word " church " was first mentioned by Christ to mean His followers, people who believed in His claims of deity, resurrection, salvation, second advent ( Christ is coming again in power and glory ) . Mark Twain did not believe in Christ as you and I do . So, why should I believe in this guy . When Twain mentioned and blamed the " Church " for real or imagined mistakes ( as if Twain did not commit mistakes ) , he referred to some persons in the leadership the Christian religion. Because of that, he blamed the whole church. If he were alive today, he would probably agree to the tag of the Philippines as a nation of slaves ( like some Chinese in Hong Kong and China do ) because there are thousands of Filipino maids in Hong Kong . How shallow and pathetic ! The Philippines, of course, is more than our OFWs in Hong Kong !

Aleck:   you say things that degrade Mark Twain? that is appalling... if not idiotic.
FB Post:
Sinong mga fans ng GMA 7 , ipapalabas nila talambuhay ni abnoy ninoy , e mga demonyo din pala ang 7 walang pinag iba sa abias cbn sumasamba sa demnyong abnoy ninoy hakhakhak Sabi ko na nga ba kakampi din ng mga cojuanco aquino ito ayaw pa nila umamin wala daw kinikilingan wahahahaha.
 Aleck: Ikaw naman, masyado ka. Pwede namang paid ad. Taxes lang naman natin ang gagamitin...

‘Some solons hiding SALNs’; ‘Senate lacks interest in pork scandal probe’

Aleck: Ate, meron niyan sa Ombudsman... Level up naman.

FB Post: Ballsy Aquino... coincidence in attending mass at Prague church....
Aleck: Of course, they also attend mass in Rome, Las Vegas, London, Turkey, and Dubai!
FB Post: P1000 paid each for Barangay Election Registration

Aleck: There goes my daily Payless and Lucky me taxes...

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