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Monday, November 11, 2013

sourgraping instagram

no, i don't have an instagram account... but social media is evil, so, we have to learn to use them wisely... according to design 101 in iversity.

this photo - the property of murad osman in this link

bragging about his sexy girl and traveling the world, happened to have lost her girl's sexy legs in one of the pics... it is dibs image, I cannot upload! I am soooo jealous! I'd like to hypothesize she is not really his girlfriend but she - a wannabe model and he - a wannabe photographer/photoshop magician.

and I don;t instagram because

1. i am FUBAR - u is for ugly
2. i don;t selfie
3. i eat good food, i don;t shoot them! (ooops, i sometimes like to take photos of them and make others want to drool, i borrowed a camera!)
4. i enjoy life, i don't frame it
5. i don;t have a camera or a device that resembles it
6. i am sarcastic
7. i am fine by me looking at the mirror
8. i dont shop
9. i don;t have money
10. i lied somewhere from one to ten
11. this is disgusting, i lied!
12. i lied and i am not even elected in the Philippines!
13. i must be squidward
14. no, please, i'd rather be Patrick!
15. I wish Daffy Duck loves me!
16.  Daffy DUck is NOT a disney character.
17. ...sigh... i blooped. i downed 2 bottles of san miguel beer, and I blooped!

i feel so bad about the recent earthquake and typhoon Haiyan that I am beginning to believe this

conspiracy video...

yes, the Philippines has got oil! and since the Abu Sayyaf will no longer terrorize the area, the not-so vulgar are creeping in shrouded in nature's mystique. I am so embarrassed for my lack of literary skills I cannot construct a proper figure of speech! I'm outta here!

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