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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Smart Communications: No Aleck yet in your Trade Name...

(An Open Letter to Smart Communications, Inc. from a loyal Customer)

In July 28, I tried to withdraw from my Smart Money through ATM (not BDO) but smart load unli-text was not accepted to unlock my account.

So, I loaded P300 from smart load card.

I tried to withdraw in BDO unlocking my card as instructed in your site and the Smart Money User guide. My PIN was not accepted.

So, I called your card hotline  632-8457777 for assistance using my smart sim mobile phone. Since the verification process alone took time (as if you didn't know), I asked the CSR if I am being charged for the call and he said NO. He provided me with advice on how to go about using this card by sending money to another smart number in order to immediately withdraw from smart remittance.

To no avail. So, I called again a little later about the remittance centers.

That night, I transferred  funds to my husband's smart number so he can avail the money ASAP for end-of-the-month bills.

Only to be required to PAY for another smart money card, and to wait TWO (2) weeks to withdraw that money.

I called again your card hotline only to be cut short (I didn't know my load has RUN out just calling up your SMART hotline!).

A few SMS later, and I already RAN out of prepaid loads!

I called your smart money CSR via landline (because I cannot anymore use my smart prepaid) and guess what the message prompt is AFTER I input my SMart Money card number?

SURPRISE: You have insufficient balance to  make this transaction.NOW, if this is not highway robbery, let me know.

But I did not stop going through the maze of your hotline recorded messages. I finally got an operator - Yumi Aquino to tell me Smart cannot do anything to reverse the situation.

What I told her was recorded, but I am putting it here again for the world to know (as if they are clueless):

"If you will check your record, I maintain several Smart accounts and am a loyal customer since 2005. My prepaid load  is only BARYA and you  still want to gain from it?

Your customer SHOULD not be penalized for the mistake of your Smart staff. So return my prepaid LOAD."

Yumi insisted her script so I asked to talk to her manager. She said she will look for her supervisor instead, and could I please hold for say - 3 minutes?

I endured.

Only to be told they will call me up after getting my 2 numbers- within the day.

After an hour, I checked my load and I  was provided for the 2 unli-text I loaded earlier in Sunday to avail their smart money unlock system!

2 days later, no more load balance.

First off, I load using the smart card load because I use it to both call and send SMS. and they only returned the UNUSED unli-text I loaded!

Please guys, do something. You are earning SO MUCH - like some government officials - but it does not mean you have to be as senseless and as idiotic like them. C'mon' people. Live up to your company name - and it has no "aleck" after it.


You should be paying me to test your products, and point our the glitches... and THIS is what you do to me? 

I mean, Yumi, if you are out there reading this... of course we've been had by your family namesake, but, girl...

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Aljandro Barbosa said...

Thanks for the post! Do you know how I can get a free smart load.