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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Marcos Mythology: Over Time

War loot is behind all these, and the CIA bashers could be right.

I post in my real Facebook account (yes, I have a troll account, so what? You gonna file me a cyber crime?) that I was never a Marcos loyalist. And this is true. But over the years, my reverence to the late "dictator" have grown as my wisdom (i grin like an idiot, too! dammit) did.

War loot is fair game. Not that the Bush administration is excused for the Iraq war to loot oil and sell more arms, but finders-keepers is universally logical when it comes to remnants of war if your locality had been a war zone.  And Philippines was a war zone!

So, when I cannot fathom and deduce how the Marcoses have gotten rich when they were still ruling (I have yet to see an actual evidence as well as compelling stories they plundered the Philippine treasury), I'd like to believe the conspiracy theory is true.

And like the many who now wallow in disdain to the political circus of the land, I thirst for the truth and know more about the President who has now turned out to be the best President we could ever have.

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