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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Random Stupidity at the Government: GSIS, BIR, etc

This is an account at the 3rd Floor Retiree Lounge, GSIS main office, Pasay City.

The above forms were submitted by a representative of a retired employee, a senior citizen that is under medication of diabetes. The retiree and the representative live 12 hours away from those who need to sign the forms (at the PNP headquarters and GSIS main office), thus, the need to require a leave from work for the representative as well as incur expenses that are taxed (bus fare, meals, taxi fare, etc). The line for acquiring signature for the forms is quite long, 7 hours is usually an average. They don't accept electronic or phone or through courier requests, no, they have of course GOT a BIG CHUNK of OUR TAXES to upgrade into new age. But of course, that is only for purposes to feed these palamunins. Feed is understatement to the core. They build mansions (or buy several town-homes), buy each of their children SUVs, travel to Bangkok, Macau, or even Las Vegas OUT of our taxes!

A day after the signature, off to GSIS I go. The front desk number 20 won't take the form. She said it is expired. So I asked: "Which is more important, the signatures or the paper?"

She had the common sense to reply, "The signature. But if I accept that, the processing officer will also disapprove because the form is old."

"But it was the form given to my dad," I replied. "They (retirees) are old and are not aware of forms available elsewhere, so, how would he know the form was expired?"

She went to her chief, who also stood by her decision. But I talked to their chief, anyway. Maybe, she became a chief because she has a little more common sense than front runners...

They all stood by their decision that the new form must be filled up.

Back to the diabetic 2 days later, he said, "Their local office gave me that form just recently."

Had I known this info and had I been a maniac, the next thing I'll do is burn down the fucking GSIS building for mangling my taxes, through and through!

Then, there's another. This is another big joke that is not quite funny.

At the BIR office after going through valuation at the cashier or treasurer, or whatever that you have to go through to file taxes yearly, or quarterly... (Please bear with me when it comes to this, everyday, I look at my receipts and see the VAT or whatever percentage that goes to the bureaucracy and my blood boils, not to consider the temperature, of course... and don't snicker you! you had your share of daily taxes, too! TAXES! right, that is plural. and yes brother, that is daily. hah!)

The counter lady says, "Done. Go to counter 6..." That must be hell, what a coincidence. Because at that counter, they say the Corp owes them two thousand bucks for 2010 and 2012. What's the story morning glory? What?

But see, we were given certificates/clearance for those years 2010, 2011, 2012. What the fuck happened?

Well, taxation or BIR blabbery have always been alien language to me, what do you expect?  So the man blabbered his way to this anarchist's understanding that there is no choice but fucking pay!

And so because there are no fit words to describe how I really feel for bureaucracy, let's start burning them in our minds...

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