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Monday, January 21, 2013

Ricky Lo, Anne Hathaway, & Jessica Zafra

If you are a Pinoy (Filipino) who reads local newspapers regularly, you'd know who are Lo and Zaffra... or Zafra. Or Zaffft whatever. And if you watched that talking rabbit movie with cap'ain Hook in it, you'd know that balloon-headed pudgy red-lipped "roll with the head" woman...but did you notice the white-gowned wide-lipped queen or princess? (That is Hathaway!)

Notice the short trend: by association...

Pinoys are never quite serious about anything, or everything, so you expect Lo to breeze through an interview like the Martin & Pops mastery he has exhibited over the years with Hathaway? Who is  Hathaway, anyway, for the average (like 100 million) Filipinos but just a glamorized (Hollywood) version of Anne Curtis? You noted, they both have wide lips... Kinda monstrous in a way... and this is Pinoy-association basics.

We are a culture of associations, and with it comes fringe benefits and dangers. Dangers like "elections" and "voting" this is why the COMELEC need not take these votes seriously and so, they (politicians & government bureaucrats) can mangle it anyway they can.

And so do Ricky Lo and Jessica Zafra in their chosen fields of endeavor. Cringe if you want, but what's worth cringing about anyway? In the Philippines? Nothing. Who are Filipinos, anyway.

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