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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Smart Update

Here's the email of Smart:

Dear ....:
Thank you for writing us.

We understand where your sentiments are coming from. However, we regret to inform you that we could not validate the details of your usage anymore, as we could only check the last 7 days transactions of your account. However, we were able to retrieve the reloading history.

Previous records show that aside from the pre-loaded value of P100 last Nov 21 (the date of your activation), you have made another reload of P300 last Nov. 23. This was the reason why Mr. Deon Hidalgo of *1888 informed you that you have P400 total accumulated amount on your account at the time of call. Further, you have reloaded P300 last Jan. 10 after you have spoken with the agent which made your account have a total loaded amount of P700.

Regarding the concern of your sister-in-law with PLDT budget card, we would suggest to seek assistance from PLDT Customer Service for appropriate handling.

We hope this clarified your concern, Ms. Cruz. Should you require our assistance again, please do not hesitate to inform us. You may also communicate with us via twitter@Smartcares.


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Smart Communications

Take note of the email addy: response:

Assuming I only loaded P400, then, it should amount to 20 hours usage time. I only had a total of 13 hours and 17 minutes the time I talked with Mr. Hidalgo. Where is my 7 hours?

But I can recall I loaded another P300 before December 22, as I have said, it was hubby who bought the card at Novaliches (Bayan). Immediately after, I loaded it. I was not shortchanged, was I?

Now, this is getting really interesting.

My warning to all card load users, keep your cards or record your confirmation /reference numbers from 1510. It's the only weapon we've got against the giant corporations' shockies (shock absorbers- I sympathize fellow commoners, I sincerely do).

And I hate to admit this, but I pity every customer service representative each time a shortchanged customer had to vent their anger regarding products/services. I wish the tax we paid through all these consumption would work for us, but we have worthless government agencies, 99% of the time. Wawang Pinoy.


taga-bundok said...

nung nakabakasyon ako last 2007 sa Pilipinas. Nagpakabit ako ng line sa smartbro. Okay naman, kaso lang yung bills hindi dumadating. Kaya nagbabayad ako sa mall... anyway, kikukulit ako na hindi pa daw ako bayad.... yung last statement hindi ko binayaran at yung mga kable tinanggal ko. wala lang... ot lang. :)

GypsyPunk said...

In fairness, delay lang ang billing system nila, but the Smart-bro (not plugit) does credit every cent... in our last billing statement, they still owe me a few bucks, lol.