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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sure SmartJack is threatening mobile phone service providers. Thank you for the agitation this device is causing them, it is about time, but how they will converge and continue fooling us remains to be seen.

Now, back to Smart. I have always used Smart - even when it was still a struggling subsidy of PLDT. I like its user-friendly features of not needing to encode a lot of numbers when requesting for services, unlike Globe. I have an aberration to reading and writing numbers. So that when we have been done (or been made) using broadband of leading landline telecoms, I'd end up using and recommending SmartBro. In fact, while currently using PLDT's broadband/dsl (bundled with the landline), I have turned to Smartbro plug-it for emergency purposes such as when our neighbors chop up some wires of PLDT for recycling and economic purposes (like in my 2 months in our current residence, we have two weeks without service, although I'd really like to work out how PLDT will be notified about billing deductions, because it takes like 1 hour to 2 hours to get through their 171 hotline - that HOT).

The SIM has its initial 100-peso load, explained earlier in the Smart-wireless SM North Edsa center to last about 10 hours. Then, I bought a P300 load at the dome in the garden in the sky (SM-NE). The load expired in about 4 days. It left me wondering - it could be because my sister used a laptop (slowmo). So, hubby bought another P300 load. While there was again a PLDT dsl interruption going on threatening my livelihood, and it's the wee hours, I was earlier thankful I had my Smartbro plugit. I became hysterical, however, as I see my total consumption here to be 13 hours plus only and I could no longer connect to the net:
I was thinking the "total time" indicates for the last card I loaded, but no, it wasn't. Had I realized that earlier, I could have raised more hell against *1881's CSR Deon Hidalgo I was talking with! Because he insisted I only had 1 peso load left!

I told him they are doing the consumer another highway robbery and nobody seems to be raising an alarm! Would these major media companies do? I doubt it when these companies are virtually the bread and butter of these local media companies. So, its up to us netizens to become vigilant and warn our fellow consumers / victims.

Next time that you load, take note of your reference number in case you delete the message from 1510. Or keep your cards. It will serve as reference when you start waging war with the Smart CSR (Customer Service Representative or company shock absorber). Because what got me during my convo with *1888's Deon Hidalgo was he kept insisting I only loaded a total of P400 when in reality, I already loaded a total of P700. And even if I only loaded a total of P400, I would still need to consume a total of 20 hours! Now, how do we raise more hell?

Here's another: my sister-in-law is trying to call up her mom in Canada, and she bought the P100 PLDT budget card charging only P1.50 cents per minute. That's hoot against the operator-assisted P200/ per minute. But while the phone machine acknolwedges the card still has P36 pesos left, she can no longer connect. Hello? PLDT and Smart? What's up with your hi-jacking card loads?


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Mike said...

I also have the same sentiments. I wasted my Php 3,000.00.