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Friday, October 12, 2007

Tip: Lost Receipt, and You Need a Replacement

Yep, I had my batteries changed to Energizer. Thanks to the staff of DIY-CB Balingit Mall. And here's a tip: if you lost an OR (official receipt) for a defective stuff you'd want to have a replacement, be sure to recall the exact date and time you bought the stuff. Then, put the request down to writing with your name, contact number, signature and address (in not exactly this order). And go through this experience I had...

It was not a walk in the park, as I was asked to produce a declared lost receipt. Why, I buy all batteries from DIY, not because it has a good looking shop as compared to the other Chinese shops proliferating every city and town of the Philippines, but because of trust and reliability. So, as compared to a corner watch repairman who will issue a roughly handwritten hand-torn cigarette box paper receipt, I'd keep the torn cigarette receipt, but not a DIY receipt. Because buying in an established shop is supposed to be the guarantee itself.

Anyway, so, there. After I cannot produce a receipt, I was asked of the date of purchase, about 6 times. And the name of the sales man. Hah! Like, I was supposed to be saying, "Hi, what's your name? Andy? Nice name. I'd like an Energizer Battery, Andy!" But all I said was, "Uhm, pleasing personality, good talker..." and they start laughing. Thanks. I really meant to be funny at that minute.

Then, I was told about the sales report forwarded to the main office, and they no longer have any file copy. And that all I can have is a replaced Camelion battery. Well, I didn't want a Camelion. I mean, one should be doubly suspicious once a spelling of a suspicious character like a chameleon is the brand name of a product. But I did not use my editing sense (okay, okay, common sense) at that time.

Then, a kindly encoder tried to open her computer files and I was asked about other stuffs I bought that day, and of course, having the photographic memory of a manual camera (Pentax, baby), I described the stuffs I bought that day at DIY. And the encoder uttered the total ammount I paid, with an alarming voice that kind of says, "she's a voracious DIY shopper!" or something to that effect. Well, there are now a lot of Japan-home labelled Chinese manufactured items at around $2 at DIY, not necessarily hardware or construction stuff but housewares, in case you haven't noticed.

And the manager said they cannot do anything if a receipt would not be attached to the replacement report they need to submit. Otherwise, i would need a notarized Affidavit of Loss. Uh-oh. Count: Lost office hours, attorney's fees... So, why not print that invoice file, I asked. And the manager stammered about the impossibility of printing a computer file of an invoice. Reminds me of a famous quote about the endless list of excuses to not to do a thing.

But finally, the manager's sense came falling down on her, and made use of the letter I earlier sent through my work-mate for an earlier exchange (which they did not honor, nor entertained). She told her staff to copy the invoice number, place my address and contact number on the letter and all.

And that was it. It took about three to four hours of my productive time, but the heck, it was still a lesson learned...

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