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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Against the World

In my other blog, I have written about suicide, about asking non-suicidals to help prevent it. And just today, a friend now based in the US and I had been chatting about suicide of Filipino teens who were uprooted from here and live in the US. About being bullied and being the "other" person elsewhere.

Then, I am confronted about my niece who went to live with her mom and stepdad whom she had grown to hate. Genee had been complaining and telling us stories. Then, here comes her stepdad using her own Yahoo Messenger. It's creepy, like stalking and invading privacy. And white americans were supposed to be the champions and paranoid about privacy. And he had been lecturing me about family and morality! And this is what I told him:

...we do not have a very good relationship with our dad, but it does not mean we destroy ourselves, right? So, I think it's an american thing about blaming others for stupid things that happen to themselves, so why you need shrinks and Iraq, or Afghanistan, but we don't.

I've always avoided being discriminatory, but when it comes to US-related stuffs, I simply can't. But to anybody out there who meets Genee Tano, she's in Pittsburg right now, previously in Virgin Islands: please tell her to go back HOME, the Philippines. I am using the internet because there's no way we can contact her now.

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