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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Enrique L Flores, Jr., Arbiter

This is a warning to all illegally dismissed employees filing for damages with the Department of Labor and Employment.

I filed a case of illegal dismissal for lack of due process against an employer NGO which milks money from US private citizens for their "urban poor" clients, a project of which is the Tuberculosis program. I was dismissed after informing the regional manager of the said agency about "non-delivery of tuberculosis medicines" which I stumbled upon.

The NGO instead fired me, and made up a fraud case instead, without any prior written notice of commission of any violation.

The decision made by Flores states, "As told, no first notice was given to the complainant that her dismissal is sought which is clear violation of her right to due process...judgment is hereby rendered DISMISSING the complaint for lack of merit. However, respondent ... is ordered to pay complainant the amount ... as indemnify / nominal charges."

During our hearing at the DOLE office, my lawyer (a newbie) met a colleague who asked our arbiter and my lawyer replied "Flores."

The DOLE veteran lawyer replied, "Naku, nababayaran 'yan."

I was stymied. And today, the incident is recalled, with lots of dismay and disappointment for a chance to ever benefit from Philippine government service.

Haay Flores. Haay Bayan ko.

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