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Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am not really against constitutional amendment if it is gonna adopt an absolute
1. ban on uneducated (I'd probably suggest at least a master's level and minimum 5-year management experience) candidates from mayoral to the president
2.nepotism up to the fourth degree in all government offices
3. ban on extension of term after 3 years to include all first and second degree relatives in said positions
4. capital punishment for all corrupt officials with proven misalligned and misappropriated budgets starting at P10,000.00

Ewan ko lang kung me qualified at willing pang tatakbo. (cuss, cuss and cuss). It is a shame that until now, majority of Filipinos cling to the popularity method of voting. Nakakahiya ang katamaran ng nakakarami sa atin. It is our duty to at least research a little bit and use a little of our common sense when voting. Let us ask ourselves: what have this dork done in the past that makes him/her deserving of my vote?

But since I was brought out of this world with an already very questionable form of governance, I have maintained an anarchic stance since: I don't effing vote. In fact, the only time I really liked a presidentiable, I did not vote, because I knew my effort would go for naught. I was right.

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