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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Haaaay, GMA

For several years now, the whole family have been "loyal" viewers of GMA, until the network kept recycling Carlo J. Caparas' creations as if there's a dearth of creative writers in the 80 million or so populace...

It started with Asero, when recycling became such a despicable practice... OK, when will they implement Intellectual Property Rights eh? Then, Mel and Joey and the rest of the morning shows became infomercials, pushing and enticing every viewer to join America's new religion, as if economic salvation actually depended on it...

Anyway, I noticed only one actor who has kept Lalola viewable: Keempee de Leon. There has been a lot of improvement in Keempee's acting, whose more subtle take on the "bakla" role has given a better version of Joey's previous gay roles. Otherwise, I really wonder what production designers do, with Lola's disco outfits in corporate meetings, but then again, we've seen the same in much better telenovelas --- over-sexy clads of office or regularly paid working characters.

Why can't they learn from those Korean telenovelas? It's not the outrageous outfits or costumes, nor the hyped "stars". It is the quality of the show, credibility of plot and scenarios. While magical themes are the consistent favorites, magic woven to reality is what makes a fiction appealing.

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