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Monday, March 17, 2008

A Slap on the ZTE Victims

I hate to say this, but yes, a student from Cebu finally told ZTE top victim Ike Lozada that the joke was on him (aired at 24 Oras, GMA news). The student asked Lozada why does he allow himself to be used by the senate gag show when everything they (the ZTE victims) were fighting for are non-legal issues useless at all courts... except the basketball court where you could pass a bouncing ball for a shot... and actually score... for a rahrahrah.

The one who is actually gaining here is the old, the old, and the old honorable Joe de Venecia, as if he or his children losing bidders were such an underdog in a world of looters. The real issue here is that let the leader of the gang lead!

Start acting as professional members of the gang and stop sulking, you bidders! Bidding is the biggest joke in Philippine governance and it will remain so until looters still occupy up to 99 percent of the agency.

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