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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Layering & MO in Immigration Consultancy

(MO means modus operandi)

Canadian Immigration Consultancy is probably one of the most ubiquitous agencies for migration in the country today with their red maple leaf logo seen in almost every city and major areas in the country today.

Their offices advertise photos of about five to twenty successful clients with their families. Unknown to the public is the fact that there are hundreds or probably thousands aspiring to become one of CIC (as the office is popularly known) successful aspirants in a matter of 2-4 months. But what is least notable about CIC with a website domain address is that their official receipts and contracts with clients who pay starting from P45,000.00 or more, indicates another company or corporate name as American Oriental Immigration Consultancy, Inc. In addition, upon processing of application, the representing office of Canada called Federal Skilled Worker Centralized Intake Office with postal address P.O. Box 7500, Sydney, NSB1P0A9 will email the applicant through “John  Weisdorf of United Brokers, Inc.” with office address at 21st floor, Washington Tower, Pacific Avenue , Asia World, Paranaque. Here, it can be observed that there are already three layers of agencies involved, or that CIC is only a smokescreen.

In an actual case, applicant and her family were requested to immediately submit together with their application forms for immigration payment for processing fee to the Canadian Embassy in case the immigration pushed through. They were also asked by the staff of the agency to provide bank certificate indicating at least a million pesos worth of cash deposit to an accredited / commercial bank as “show money”. Since many aspirants may not have said amount lying in any local bank, the agency is also kind enough to endorse applicants to a “lending” agency which shall charge applicant monthly interest from the start of “loan” until such time that the applicant will be able to pass immigration requirements and finally secure flight tickets. If the applicant is lucky, he may only be paying monthly dues for 18 months. Another applicant who have not been lucky said that “Naubos ang ipon ko dito sa Taiwan diyan sa CIC na ‘yan! At hanggang ngayon, nasa Pilipinas pa ang pamilya ko!” (All my savings working here in Taiwan were absorbed by CIC! And until now, my family is still there in the Philippines!)

In reality, applicants are only required to provide for bank certificates prior to their flight, which means that after they are already scheduled to leave the Philippines. CIC staff would insist that the bank statement is a requirement which the applicants need to complete prior to submission of their filled up forms to the Canadian Embassy. Only those who are insistent and discerning enough are spared of this ordeal.

An applicant who failed to meet immigration requirement was emailed by the FSW office with email address ( that refund check of processing fee shall arrived in 12 to 18 weeks. Many applicants at CIC have been complaining about the delay of which CIC will only reply “Wait,” or “None yet.” The resourceful may finally find a way to write to the postal address indicated in that email.

After a few months, the FSW office informs the applicant that the refund check has been forwarded but the office sends an “Undertaking of Indemnity” for the applicant to fill-up and sign in order to testify that applicant did not received such check.

The applicant will again wait tens of weeks more after that action. And lucky if they will ever hear from the agency again. One 2008 applicant received an email from Michelle Milanie R. Ramos with email address In this instance, the observant applicant will become aware of another business entity DOX International Services, Incorporated.
Based on the papers and communications,  all these front business organizations are owned and operated by one Atty Erwin John Weisdorf of the Law Society of Upper Canada, Toronto Ontario with passport JG162934. So, there are at least five business names/ organizations involved in the process not to include the FSW CIO.

The email from Michelle Milanie Ramos indicates that the check(s) have been redeemed, and apparently, “they” will wait information from the CIO (FSW) for clarification. However, the contact at CIO in this case, emailed a copy of the encashed check, at Bank of the Philippine Islands and that this same check had been mailed to United Brokers. What is appalling is that the signature of payee/endorsement had erasures or mistakes.

There are several questionable matters about this modus operandi of CIC/United Brokers/ American Oriental Immigration Consultancy, Inc.First, they do not appear in their websites and Second, United Brokers does not appear in the contract with their clients. Third, they have a very obscure refund system which meant that if they have been in the service for decades, could have made them more systematic and prepared to handle such delays. 

List below obtained by this blogger from CIC/ / United Brokers indicate a batch of complainants / victims. Check because your friends or relatives might be one of them: inform them that they are not alone. However, this is a shocking reality that has not yet been brought to proper authorities to be checked and investigated on. 

 Images and names were blurred to protect the sources of this information. These are posted so that the public may know.

Fourth: Their length of operation in the industry have established a "link" at the centralized intake office and that losing checks must already be random, if not the actual business operation being undertaken. Fifth, do they really ever refund checks at all?
And how about the victims of "bank certificates" and show moneys?
Who will protect us from white collared gangsters like them?

Is the Canadian government aware of this?

Be warned. To connect with others who shall be filing case/s against this layered organization, please contact this blogger.